TfL 1972 Stock Special Liveries Pack - TSW3

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  • File Name: TfL Test Scheme c1989 for RF_BKR_LUL_72stock.tsw3
    1972 Tube Stock as repainted in a test colour scheme in 1989. The cars had blue doors and a plain white body with a red front.
    Reference - Photo By Kim Rennie

  • File Name: TfL Vintage Unrefurbished for RF_BKR_LUL_72stock.tsw3
    1972 Tube Stock in a Vintage Unpainted Aluminium livery. From what i've heard, this train still exists today for filming and training purposes, the last video i've seen of it is from 2019.
    Reference - Video By @AlexMetroman on YouTube


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I request that these liveries remain personal use only, meaning that they won't be reuploaded on any other site or under any other account.
I also request that any modifications to these liveries, or using these liveries as templates, are kept to yourself only.

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Rob Woods #9284 15 Mar 2023

The unpainted set was 1972 mk1 stock (ex-Northern Line), that was kept on the (closed) Aldwych branch for filming work. It's since been moved to Ruislip depot and has been progressively dismantled for spares, for the (Bakerloo Line) 1972 mk2 stock.

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TripleJ814 15 Mar 2023

Ah, Thanks for the info :)

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