Regional Railways Class 101 DMU

This is a reskin mod for the Northern Trans Pennine Class 101 DMU which turns it into the 1980s "Regional Railways" livery.

However unlike any normal legacy reskin this also includes modifications to both the DMCL & DMBS models which adds a center 'High Intensity headlight' to both driving ends which correctly depicts the 1st Gen DMUs during the later years of their working lives.

Both the cabs & interior have also recieved some minor texturing changes which includes new era-correct seat moquettes and a slightly repainted cab which removes some of the original 50s woodwork.

Please note that this mod is NOT gauranteed to work with livery editor or the creators club.


For a more immersive experience I'd highly recommend installing Bescot's Class 101 sound mod.


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Installation Instructions

To install, simply drag & drop the .pak file into your TSW "DLC" folder.

Additional Comments

Known Issues:

  • The destination box does not work correctly, I do not know why this happens or what causes it so for now I've blanked out the destination textures until I can find a workaround.
  • There is some minor light bleed on the centre headlight, this is because the emissives have not been set up properly.
  • The rain/snow animation will not play in the driving cab of the DMBS, I've had to disable it as the window wiper animation does not work at all and I do not know why.
  • The snow/rain animation on the DMCL passenger windows produces a rather funny result, again I do not know how to fix this.

Tags: class-101 enhancement mod ntp regional-railways tsw3 tsw3-legacy-uk


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Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 29 Mar 2023

Good job !

Avatar of Lord Vulture
Lord Vulture 30 Mar 2023

Nice reskin.
Would it be possible to make this livery separate, so it only shows up on WCL? And as the only 101 on WCL?

Avatar of SprattyHeath
SprattyHeath 30 Mar 2023

I don't know how to do that I'm afraid, sorry!

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 1 Apr 2023

Reach out to Foobian - he knows how to do this with legacy liveries to make the custom one an addition to the default.

Avatar of Markano
Markano 16 Oct 2023

Can you add this reskin for Class 101 from Diesel Legends pack?

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About this mod

28 Mar 2023
30 Mar 2023
Train Sim World
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Train Sim World compatibility
Train Sim World 3
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Northern Trans-Pennine: Manchester - Leeds
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Replaces existing skin