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Have you ever pulled into a TSW station and found at certain times of the day or time of the year and found the place in complete darkness?

By default many routes turn off the lights by 08:00 and don't turn them back on again until 17:00 - not much use during the UK winter months.
This mod extends lighting hours so the lights stay on until after sunrise, and come on before sunset.

*As a bonus I added the ability to pick snowy weather in Great Western Express in December & January. (Note DTG didn't add snow textures to station platforms, so just imagine the platform staff did a great job with the ice-melt.)

Updated 10 Jan 2023. The lighting mod supports:

London - Brighton
East Coastway
Great Western Express*
Glasgow Cathcart Circle
Transpennine Express
Tees Valley Line
Liverpool - Crewe (SoS)
Boston - Providence
Grand Central Terminal - North White Plains
Isle of Wight v2

Dresden - Riesa (experimental due to how dark this route is)

If you have any unusual station light timings, let me know the route, station AND exact date & time.
Some Southern style station canopies on BML/ECW have tube lights which don't react to my altered light timers - the switches for these lights are possibly hard coded into the materials.

Installation Instructions

Put the pak in your TSW2 or TSW3 DLC folder.

Additional Comments

10 Jan 23: Removed support for London - Faversham / Ashford SEH so not to break the DTG update.
Apparently all night lights to be sensitive to light level rather than just time of day.

21July 22: Added support for Isle of Wight v2 (Class 484 addon)

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Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 28 Jun 2022

Very good job !

Avatar of scip
scip 28 Jun 2022

thats cool thx !!

Avatar of Anthony Amtrak
Anthony Amtrak 28 Jun 2022

Where aren't any American routes included?

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 29 Jun 2022

I want to make sure what I've done already works, and It takes forever to do this, also US passenger stuff like Boston and Harlem are on a totally different latitude to UK so need a different approach. They will probably come,.. eventually.

Avatar of rj1
rj1 30 Jun 2022

really good mod thanks. How on earth did you get the snow back on GWE and why on earth didn't DTG do this on their recent preservation update do you think?!! I don't suppose you have any idea how to get the FGW enabler to work again do you seeing how DTG's update added little and wrecked loads! lol

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 30 Jun 2022

Thanks for the comments. for some reason DTG never set the winter temperatures to be 0 degrees c or below , it didnt take much to alter it. We'll have to hope Muff rebuilds the FGW enabler though.

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 30 Jun 2022


Avatar of CowBoy Wolf
CowBoy Wolf 1 Jul 2022

Could you also include Snow for Peninsula corridor?

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 1 Jul 2022

Lol, nice idea but there doesn't seem to be any snow assets for that route.

Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 3 Jul 2022

Very good mod, thanks.

Avatar of scip
scip 5 Jul 2022

what for a tool do u use for creating this mod ?

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 14 Jul 2022

It's the unofficial TSW UE4 Editor by Muff & Will

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 17 Sep 2022

Hey there. Is this intended to work with the extended SEHS? In journey mode in the 'Taking Pride' chapter the 1C38 service takes place at the end of October and starts at 17:14 & Ashford Station is pitch black.

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 17 Sep 2022

There's no light baking at Ashford or Swanscombe it's a DTG bug

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 17 Sep 2022

Classic! Thanks for letting me know. I do wonder if their QA people do that job with their eyes open

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