Steam Railtour Locos Replacement on SEHS

This will replace the LiverpoolCrewe/SoS Loco on SEHS with the following locos from Rivet Games' Steam Railtour DLC

  • BR Black Jubilee
  • BR Black Jubilee (with Festive Lighting)
  • LMS Crimson Jubilee
  • LMS Crimson Jubilee (with Festive Lighting)



TripleJ814_WCLSteamRailtourLocosForSEHS.pak 4 KB · Downloaded 56×


Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 4 days ago

Thanks for your mod, very useful.

Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 4 days ago

No Problem :)

Avatar of Thrasher37
Thrasher37 4 days ago

is there a way ti put this on the BCC route as a seperate or replace the Class 37 Railtour

Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 4 days ago

I don't own BCC and I refunded the Steam Railtour DLC already.

Avatar of Thrasher37
Thrasher37 3 days ago

ah fair enough. do you know if theres a mod to change the 37 on bcc to a 37 whereyou can pick your own livery and not the rf version. p.s awseome mod though shame the game lacks overall and would be dead with out you modders

Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 3 days ago

I think that’s the case because it’s the Tees Valley 37 on BCC’s timetable, and the West Cornwall 37 doesn’t substitute into the formation. Only the West Cornwall one has livery designer functionality IIRC.

Not sure if there’s any mods to substitute the West Cornwall 37 into the timetable, but may be worth asking in the TSC discord.

Avatar of Thrasher37
Thrasher37 2 days ago

ight no worries. il keep looking and asking. thanks for help

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