EMT HST temporary fixes

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This mod is intented to bridge the gap between release and the Skyhook patch due in the near future. It will do the following -
Increase headlamp intensity but reduce the angle so as to not illuminate the ballast.
Remove the overly shiny bodywork (should now do justice to those great reskins)
Reduce the intesity of the MK3 lighting. It will be more realistic and reduce the instance if light bleed from the exterior.
As a fix (not ideal) Ive opted to remove the door unlock lights function, as I think theyre better off altogether than on when moving.
Remove the overly shiny bodywork.

Screenshots provided are of a livery found on Creators Club and not my own

Added GWE Turbo test 6\6\23
LM final Zip. Ignore this file.


!!TS2Prototype-EMTHSTtempfix.pak 5 MB · Added 7 May 2023 · Downloaded 126× !!TS2Prototype-EMTHSTturbotest.pak 5 MB · Added yesterday · Downloaded 20× LMFinal.zip 137 MB · Added 3 hours ago · Downloaded 11×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 14 times before being withdrawn.


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OleDre 7 May 2023

Just an FYI, there are broken image links, if you have seen yet,
Disregard, I removed the image, my error, should have waited,

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Boa 27 days ago


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update coming so dw about this mod

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7 May 2023
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