Additional CSX Modern Timetable for Clinchfield [Beta]

This mod duplicates the default CRR timetable, and replaces all the formations with modern CSX equipment. This does not overwrite nor interfere with the original default CRR timetable.

Schnauzahpowahz showcased this mod on his channel in this video starting at 23:45


Additional Comments

  • This mod is still not fully tested as I don't have much free time anymore, which is why i put [Beta] in the title. If any issues arise please let me know so I can look into them eventually, Thank You :)

Known Issues

  • Service "Berta Coal Loading" @ 07:38 is not working on the CSX timetable. Do not attempt playing it.
  • The modern timetable's name is still "Clinchfield Railroad". I will rename it to "CSX Kingsport Subdivision" in a future update.
  • Some formations are really weird, I do plan to fully remake the formations from scratch at some point in the future.


TripleJ814_ModernClinchfieldTimetableAddon.pak 251 KB · Added 28 days ago · Downloaded 204×


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GeEs44acYes 27 days ago

very nice!

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TripleJ814 25 days ago

Thank You

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LtFrosty 25 days ago

Amazing, I love it

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JAH 6 days ago

Thank you

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