Class 377 Sound Mod

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Including both packs for East Coastway and Brighton Mainline.

Check out the new pack for Brighton Mainline:


East Coastway or Brighton Mainline

Installation Instructions

To jump into this immersion, simply place the main Sound Mod .Pak file into the DLC folder located where the installation of TSW3 is. Packs for other DLCs will have it in the name... e.g. BML.

Additional Comments

This mod is entirely free and is made to make ECW and BML more enjoyable DLCs.

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!Class377SoundMod[BML]31.pak 48 MB · Added 19 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 2,860× Changelog.txt 2 KB · Added 19 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 592×

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Avatar of class 483/38 stock
class 483/38 stock 26 Nov 2020

Where do I put the files?

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 27 Nov 2020

steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 7 Jan 2021

Great mod. Announcements add that extra layer of immersion.

Avatar of JNtrains
JNtrains 17 Jan 2021

I have TSW2 on Steam, is there a way i can download the add-on onto steam. I have located the DLC but cannot work out how to save the file onto it.

Avatar of Ron
Ron 13 Mar 2021

Yet another great sound replacement. Keep up great work. Thank you.

Avatar of hughmundo
hughmundo 26 Mar 2021

it goes crazy when i ty and download the Announcements mod iam on crome it tys to open a new tab but just goes crazy

Avatar of themerseyrail508120

Does this work on any route for ECW?

Avatar of Big E
Big E 13 Apr 2021

Please could you make a generic announcement for SEHS?

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 15 Apr 2021

You say it like I can snap my fingers and it magically happens. You got the doors upgrade... and right now that's about as much as I can muster, mister.

Avatar of Big E
Big E 21 Apr 2021

Thanks anyways dude!!! Good work.

Avatar of Electrostar Photography

any chance you could make this for the bml when it releases? the devs have no intend to make an announcment system and it would be really good

Avatar of dell
dell 9 Oct 2021

it would be cool if you can make a mod for the class 66

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 16 Oct 2021

Something strange is going on with the new BML 377 sounds - once the train gets under-way, there is a sound in the cab that sounds like what can only be described as a fog-horn that goes away the instant you switch to an external cam & then back to the main cab camera...

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 17 Oct 2021

That is the transformer. It can get really loud when applying power but I'm going to turn it down later.

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 17 Oct 2021

Thanks! Other than that, the sound pack is amazing! Any chance that you can get all of the Electrostar units running this once you fine-tune everything?

Avatar of seatsea
seatsea 9 Nov 2021

Yeah it sounds cool but I think it genuinely gives me a headache after a few minutes.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 10 Nov 2021

A headache is a bit extreme. I'll make it quieter when I've finished other stuff.

Avatar of seatsea
seatsea 11 Nov 2021

Thanks! And should mention I really do love the mod otherwise, and all the other's you've made!

Avatar of Andy B 🌈
Andy B 🌈 18 Nov 2021

Yeah the transformer sound is very loud and drowns out the other train sounds. So please when you can turn it down a bit would be amazing. Other than that sound being soo loud the others are amazing and thankyou. Do you think we could also get the announcments to work on London comutter at somepoint?

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 16 Oct 2021

Re !Class377SoundMod[BML]20. Superb set of sounds again. Thankyou so much - much better than the AP ones - Well worn motors, and rattles galore. The only negative I could say is perhaps the internal joint sounds could be louder, also due to the DTG bug with the bad loop on the wind sound I'd lose it for now (eg. silence it) and as W2SJW said, the loud part of the AUX sound, although probably realistic is driving my missus crazy.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 17 Oct 2021


Avatar of tof70110
tof70110 19 Oct 2021

A nice sound pack worthy of the big studios, well done and good luck for the future with TSW 2

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 17 Oct 2021

Good job !

Avatar of Regis-le-stagiaire-SNCF

Very Thx you for the job , so i like a join junction in the version ECW , so in london commuter the sound is not same on ECW is lower , it s possible to make the same joint junction weel in BML ?
second point the rain in the cab is lower that a litle detail lol :)
thx ;)

Avatar of tof70110
tof70110 23 Oct 2021

Alors au boulots Regis, lol,
bonne continuation à tous et bonne route
Amitié, tof

Avatar of dell
dell 20 Oct 2021

is it possible to make a sound mod for arosaline

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 20 Oct 2021

It is, although I don't own it or have appropriate enough audio.

Avatar of Clumbiii_
Clumbiii_ 26 Oct 2021

Very nice sounds, but somehow I can't play the announcements. Do you have to press something or does it work automatically?

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 31 Oct 2021

I still think the aux is a bit too powerful, but I can live with it. My main question is are you going to update the sound mods for the ECW 377, the SEHS 375 & the 387 to be similar to this for continuity purposes (I actually like your ECW 377 & the 375 mods the most, but the 387 is WAY too 'sterile' in it's default form)?
Thanks for all your hard work!

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 31 Oct 2021

Yeah I actually want to do the 387 completely copy-paste free from the 377 so I need to find some free time before I do so. That way the 377 and 387 can sound completely different rather than almost the same

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 31 Oct 2021

I shall temper my patience, good sir! The quality of your sound mods is second-to-none (your 166 mods are what got me introduced to your work).

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 24 Nov 2021

I just finished a quick 15-minute service run from Victoria to West Croydon - the new 377 sounds are MUCH better! I can't wait to see what you have lined up for the 387...

Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 25 Nov 2021

Great for your mods, I like it and it adds a lot of fun to TSW.

Avatar of rj1
rj1 1 Dec 2021

great sound mods, thank you. However, the internal horn sounds very distorted (the outside sounds great). are you getting this effect too?

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 3 Dec 2021


Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 20 Dec 2021

387 stuff is happening this christmas

Avatar of tonesmeister
tonesmeister 23 Jan 2022

Superb sounds!!
Just one minor gripe, the humming sound (transformer I believe) is a tad too loud. It becomes very noticable after a while. Is possible to turn it down?

Avatar of CrAzZyKiLLa
CrAzZyKiLLa 20 Mar 2022

Amazing as always! Any chance in the future we could get the generic announcments working on the BML 377? That would make it perfect!

Avatar of PegasusLeosRailwayFanatix9

Same thing as the 387 problem with the window open sound. There should be more sound with the window open, not so quiet. I kinda of prefer the other mod version better especially with the window open because you can hear more sound, and louder. Can you please fix this, this goes for the class 387 as well. Thanks

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 22 May 2022

There is a dedicated wind sound which I want to use but is bugged at the moment. Once that is fixed, I will use my recorded Class 387 window wind sounds.

Avatar of Lester1002
Lester1002 9 Jul 2022

Hi when are the announcements programmed to play? They aren't playing for me.

Avatar of Lester1002
Lester1002 9 Jul 2022

The generic annoucement sorry. Also is there a specific route it plays on or does it play when you leave the station like on a real Southern train or how does it work?
Many thanks

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 11 Jul 2022

Every few minutes for the ECW version

Avatar of JF3110
JF3110 28 Jan 2023

Merci beaucoup, vont sons sont vraiment parfait, c'est du très bon travail que vous nous offrez là, immersion totale !
Bien à vous

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 3 Feb 2023

Your sounds are great. Could you please correct those sounds of the windscreen wiper in the rain ? they are very disturbing
(only on ECW with TSW3)

Avatar of Damian_C06
Damian_C06 4 Jul 2023

how do i use the announcements pack?
thanks, Damian

Avatar of Train377/6
Train377/6 19 Jul 2023

Please could you post a version for TSW3.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 19 Jul 2023

It's really difficult to get the Electrostars to work properly.

Avatar of Train377/6
Train377/6 19 Jul 2023

But the thing is: it is marked as TSW3 compatible (and I downloaded it and I put it in my DLC folder for TSW3) so I was hoping to use this amazing pack to replace the awfully quiet Armstrong Powerhouse sounds being used on the 377, but unfortunatley it didn't work.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 19 Jul 2023

It does work.

Avatar of Jožin
Jožin 19 Jul 2023

Nice mod, but where the sounds for ECW?

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 19 Jul 2023

Not supporting it anymore

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 19 Jul 2023

If you own the BML, you can download the sub mod

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 19 Jul 2023

Did you remove a file today? This shows updated, but the file is from last November...

Avatar of Arch
Arch 20 Jul 2023

I think the ecw version got removed. Only the bml got updated which according to the changelog got some noise reductions

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 20 Jul 2023

Last time he updated BML was 11-09-22. I see in the response above he's not supporting the ECW version & suggests you use the mod that replaces the ECW 377 with the BML 377. I think I have that already, but need to check.

Avatar of Rich 84
Rich 84 28 Jul 2023

Where can I find the mod that subs the BML 377 onto ECW?

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