BPE/NYT Horn Upgrades

  • by KitKat
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This mod changes the Metroliner Cab Car, Acela and ACS-64's horn and bell. Full change log below:

NYT AMTK Metroliner Cab Car:

  • Replaced bell
  • Replaced horn
  • Added doppler effect to bell

BPE AMTK Acela Express:

  • Replaced bell with a modified version of the ACS-64 E-Bell
  • Replaced both the high and low horns, including the internal audio
  • Added doppler effect to bell


  • Replaced horn (work in progress, uploading for testing)

Update 5/29/23:
Changed the audio on the Acela to bring it closer to real life. If you didn't like the audio before, I'd recommend trying this.

Update 6/19/23:
Added new sounds to the ACS-64 and finally added doppler to the Acela bell.

Update 6/20/23:
Adjusted the volume of the ACS-64 horn.

Update 6/29/23:
Adjusted the audio used by the ACS-64 to be closer to real life, and adjusted the volume again.

Installation Instructions

Simply place the .pak file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC (note: not verified to work on anything other than the Steam release of TSW3)

Additional Comments

Metroliner Cab Car example video:

Acela example video:

ACS-64 example video:


!TSW3Mod_Space_Acela_Horn_Upgrade.pak 375 KB · Added 20 Jun 2023 · Downloaded 491×

Update 6/19/23

!TSW3Mod_Space_ACS64_Horn_Upgrade.pak 518 KB · Added 30 Jun 2023 · Downloaded 420×

Update 6/29/23 (work in progress, please leave feedback below!)

!TSW3Mod_Space_Metroliner_Horn_Upgrade.pak 186 KB · Added 20 Jun 2023 · Downloaded 509×

Update 6/19/23

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 864 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 2 Mar 2023

Good job !

Avatar of Anthony Amtrak
Anthony Amtrak 2 Mar 2023

No need to change NJT horns.

Avatar of Lunamoon
Lunamoon 3 Mar 2023

Not sure why the acela bell neeed to be changed when it's direct recording from the Acela. Nice to see doppler on the cab car bell though.

Avatar of KitKat
KitKat 3 Mar 2023

It sounded nothing like the real Acela. The bell sound I've mashed together from the ACS-64 is much more correct than what was present in the game. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Ak39OnmbE44&si=EnSIkaIECMiOmarE&t=15

Avatar of Australia Worldwide Gaming YT

ill give this a go about to do a livestream 5/3/23 on my you tube chnanel with it lets see how it is and ill give my comments after that

Avatar of Australia Worldwide Gaming YT

after doing the livestream with it sorry to say but dovetail did are very good job with the horn and this one sounds off

Avatar of KitKat
KitKat 5 Mar 2023

The Acela horn was taken from a real K5LA Hybrid. Same with the Metroliner cab car which had audio taken from a real cab car. While I'll agree Dovetail did a great job on the audio on the Acela, this simply changes out the audio to be correct to the prototypes.

Avatar of Australia Worldwide Gaming YT

yeah i understand but the bell is nice know but the horn no sorry good try know it would be nice just to have the bell i think a split between the mods m ite be the way to go with this as a OG of TSW i think it would be nice to see this happen as some of us want to see a split in choice

Avatar of Pixelade
Pixelade 5 Mar 2023

is there any way to get the cab car sound changes without the acela ones?

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 5 Mar 2023

Can you add a doppler effect to the Acela's bell??

Avatar of Yuus8
Yuus8 5 Mar 2023

Can you please separate the files? i just want Metroliner

Avatar of Pixelade
Pixelade 7 Mar 2023

hoping for this too!

Avatar of Acela2000
Acela2000 30 Apr 2023

theres no dopeler for the bell

Avatar of KitKat
KitKat 1 May 2023

I attempted to add doppler to the Acela's bell, but after a few attempts, I found it wasn't something I was going to add. The Metroliner cab car was edited as it was a much easier thing for me to add. As per the mod description, the Acela Express has no added bell doppler and has the audio cue remain stock.

Avatar of Anthony Amtrak
Anthony Amtrak 27 Jun 2023

the ACS-64 horn doesn't sound prototypical.

Avatar of KitKat
KitKat 27 Jun 2023

Do you have a better horn recording that you own the rights to? I'll happily include it in the mod if you do.

Avatar of Chan
Chan 2 Jul 2023

The ACS64 horn isnt the best, but the other ones are amaizng! Keep up the great work!!!!

Avatar of KitKat
KitKat 2 Jul 2023

The ACS-64 horn is currently a work in progress, I forgot to list that when I last updated the mod. Thank you!

Avatar of alter
alter 16 Jul 2023

the door audio on the Acela needs some light shed on it, the doors are wayy too quiet compared to how it really is in person (alot of air hisses and that stuff), and the chime and stand clear annoucement is quite low, maybe this can be an additional sound mod for the Acela?

+also to mention while in the interior of the train, the doors literally have no sound to them, the only barely audible sound is exterior, quite a letdown, DTG.

Avatar of KitKat
KitKat 17 Jul 2023

I believe someone was working on an Acela sound mod. This mod is only focusing on horns and bells and is not a dedicated sound mod, so the things you mention in your comment are out of the scope of this mod.

Avatar of AAE
AAE 26 Sep 2023

Do you plan on making this mod TSW4 compatable? The game currently crashes when I try to load with mods installed.

Avatar of KitKat
KitKat 13 Oct 2023

This mod has been tested under TSW4. It works fine but I currently am not willing to support it until modding is properly fixed by Dovetail.

Avatar of up4014mas
up4014mas 11 days ago

The default ALP-46 interior horn sounds great, but the exterior sounds like the horn valve is only being pulled halfway. On the contrary, the exterior horn for the multilevel sounds perfect. Is there anyway the external horn sound for the ALP-46 can be changed to sound like that of the multilevel? It just sounds underwhelming in my opinion.

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