Class 375 Sound Mod

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Another Electrodoodle audio enhancement. There's a new mod for the new Southeastern Highspeed for TSW3.

Watch the demonstration of Version 3 here:


Southeastern Highspeed

Installation Instructions

Place the main Sound Mod .Pak file into the DLC folder located where the installation of TSW2 is.

Additional Comments

This mod is entirely free and is made to make KHS a more enjoyable DLC.

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Avatar of Ben
Ben 14 Feb 2021

Amazing work, only thing is the horn is a little quiet for me in external view :)

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 14 Feb 2021

Horns are a tricky one because pushing volume leads to distortion of the original waveform

Avatar of Big E
Big E 13 Apr 2021

Hello, please can you make the door audio better? Thanks

Avatar of NTCaptain
NTCaptain 20 Jul 2021

Great mod BUT the buzzing noise inside (which I know is there IRL) is extremely loud and it drowns out everything else. It kinda ruins the mod for me.

Avatar of Bishop33
Bishop33 29 Aug 2021

I agree with this...

Avatar of Alkaline4562
Alkaline4562 27 Feb 2022

Can you make the wipers sound quiet? Thanks

Avatar of another_pointless_account

Great sounds but the wiper is deafening and ruins driving in the rain.

Avatar of CrAzZyKiLLa
CrAzZyKiLLa 7 Sep 2022

Amazing, Thanks for the 375 update for TSW3. Its a 1000% better than what DTG did to the loco, its now a pleasure to drive again. Would love some southeastern announcments like your 377 one, oneday :)

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 11 Sep 2022

Good job! The new version for SEHX is so much better than default. Many thanks :D

Avatar of President
President 15 Sep 2022

Hi! Nice mod! Do someone else got a problem like me? I don't have any engine sound when im applying brakes. When train accelerates it's all good, but on braking no this sound...

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 15 Sep 2022

It iz da bug

Avatar of Rich 84
Rich 84 17 Sep 2022

Much better than the default sounds, but I think the run sounds should be a bit louder.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 26 Oct 2022

Good job !

Avatar of Dux of Fatumnia
Dux of Fatumnia 28 Oct 2022

Hey. First, thank you for providing us with so many amazing sound mods. Any chance one day you could do a sound mod for the Rivet 1938 Tube stock? That one is out of all trains in the game the one with by far the worst original sound. It goes almost completely silent when coasting. A proper sound mod could make this train, which is on the other hand quite well modeled, playable.

Avatar of Arch
Arch 15 days ago

That would depend on if the modder has sound recordings and whether he has the dlc.

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12 Feb 2021
12 days ago
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