TSW: God Mode - Alpha 0.5.3

  • by Foobian
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TSW God Mode, currently still in alpha, aims to be a utility inside TSW itself in form of a pak mod, accessed by moving your mouse to the top edge of your screen while driving, to help modders with creating their own mods or anyone with just having a bit of fun!


Runtime Timetabling
A UI for some of the ts2.rtt console commands allowing you to spawn any Formation or RVD (Rail Vehicle Definition = a single rail vehicle) at will and routing yourself to a marker or portal

Environment Settings
A UI for controlling most TSW Environment variables like Date & Time, Cloudiness, Precipitation, Wetness, Ground & Piled Snow, Wind Strength, how autumn- or winter-like the vegitation is, the temperature and Fog Density (and skylight intensity too because that's used pretty often as well)

Modder's Log
Because of Unreal Engine stripping all debugging features, including everything logging related, when TSW is getting cooked for you, the end user, modders have it hard to debug their own Blueprint-based mods. This mod introduces it's own log system to make the process of creating such mods a little easier.
Get the files required in the Editor on GitHub here!

Console Commands
With Alpha 0.2.0 a UI for all Train Sim World specific console commands (and some STAT-commands) has been added, with value previews for Console Variables, and special UIs for ts2.dbg.LoadTimetable and ts2.dbg.ToggleDriverPermission. A few commonly-used commands have also been hard-coded in a 'Favorites' menu, which will be made customisable at a later date.

A Blueprint solution for overlaying debugging information for Signals, the Timetable and Level Crossings over the viewport. These were inspired by the former Train Sim World showdebug commands.


  • Teleport to Player Start - Teleport to a on-foot route spawn point
  • Livery Exporter - WIP feature to export livery designer creations as an image file
  • Digital Display Popout - Display a RVV's Widget Component's TextureRenderTarget as a seperate window (intended for taking screenshots of displays as this is just the widget component's output and not the widget itself)
  • Network Equipment Emulator - Emulate track-side equipment for TSW's simulated train safety systems
  • Spawn HDX Jeep - Spawns the unlockable drivable Jeep from the Holiday Express DLC (required)
  • Show all Ribbons on Route Map - Show hidden trackage on the pause menu route map
  • Print Addon-Manager DLCs - Prints every DLC outputted by TSW 4's Addon-Manager when calling GetFullCachedContentList

God Mode has a very basic console implemented that feeds the user's input into Unreal Engine's ExecuteConsoleCommand Blueprint node. That means that there's no console output and that SET/GET/GETALL do not work!

Dynamic ini
Automatically execute different console commands when loading into the world depending on what route is loaded or whether or not Physically Based Lighting is used.

Zoomier Zoom
Zoomier Zoom is a seperate zoom system that zooms a lot more than TSW's before! FOV range is between 5 and 130


Alpha 0.5.3

  • Extended theming system
  • Add option to adjust the window background opacity
  • Small tweaks to all themes
  • New "Train Sim Community" theme based on the Train Sim Community website's "TSC Classic" theme
  • New "European Basalt" theme based on colour specification for ETCS DMIs
  • Fix "Skylight Intensity" slider snapping back to 1.00 unless the Date & Time's hour, minute, second fields were populated and the day, month, year fields were unpopulated at the same time
  • Fix "Show all Ribbons on Route Map" function

Alpha 0.5.2

  • God Mode added to "Bahnstrecke Salzburg - Rosenheim"
  • Add "Legacy Emissive Adjustments" to Environment Settings window (TSW 3 and up)
  • Add "Applied" and "Already Applied" messages to the "Show all Ribbons on Route Map" function to provide confirmation that the action has completed

Alpha 0.5.1

  • Comaptibility with February 8th Train Sim World 4 core update
  • February 9th: The pak file to use with Train Sim World 4 on Epic Games has changed. Please redownload the accordingly labeled pak file if you're playing Train Sim World 4 on Epic Games

Alpha 0.5.0

  • Debuggers feature
  • Photo Mode High Resolution Screenshot resolution multiplier adjustable in settings
  • God Mode added to "Berninalinie: Tirano - Ospizio Bernina"

Alpha 0.4.3

  • God Mode added to "Maintalbahn: Aschaffenburg - Miltenberg"

Alpha 0.4.2

  • God Mode added to "Maintalbahn: Aschaffenburg - Miltenberg"
  • Add automatic player RVV & RVM detection to relevant menus
  • The Digital Display Popout Widget Component list now also shows uninitialized Render Targets with an appropriate message
  • The Digital Display Popout Widget Component list now displays a note when a RVV does not contain any Widget Components
  • Fix flat button texture (if you didn't notice there was anything wrong then good for you)
  • Fix typo in gm.AutumnTreeMultiplier and gm.WinterTreeMultiplier God Mode commands. The commands with typos remain valid for compatibility reasons
  • The window title of the Network Equipment Emulator is now localised
  • Blocked unnecesarry code execution for the window close action, repeating actions intended only for opening a window

Alpha 0.4.1

  • Fix Zoomier Zoom sometimes overriding TSW 4 Photo Mode "Field of View" slider when accessing Photo Mode through the pause menu | (I'm getting a déjà vu here...)

Alpha 0.4.0

  • God Mode added to "Blackpool Branches: Preston - Blackpool & Ormskirk"
  • "Network Equipment Emulator" feature
  • New gm.AutumnTreeMuliplier and gm.WinterTreeMuliplier God Mode commands
  • Dynamic ini now supports gm.* commands
  • Add ability to print all DLCs detected by TSW 4's Addon-Manager to the Modder's Log
  • Add ability to scale popped-out Digital Display
  • Change Digital Display Popout Widget texture filtering mode to "Nearest"
  • Digital Display Popout Widgets will scale themselves to their native resolution disregarding game DPI scaling
  • Fix God Mode theme not being applied to newly popped-out Digital Display windows
  • Fix Runtime Timetabling crashing when trying to spawn train entries unmounted by TSW 4's Addon-Manager
  • Fix "Open in Console" for console commands not playing the necessary window animations
  • Fix middle mouse button still being consumed by Zoomier Zoom, even when Zoomier Zoom is disabled

Alpha 0.3.3

  • Fix Zoomier Zoom sometimes overriding TSW 4 Photo Mode "Field of View" slider when accessing Photo Mode through the pause menu

Alpha 0.3.2

  • God Mode added to "Antelope Valley Line: Los Angeles - Lancaster", "East Coast Main Line: Peterborough - Doncaster" and "S-Bahn Vorarlberg: Lindau - Bludenz"
  • High Resolution Screenshot feature for TSW 4 Photo Mode: Take a High Resolution Screenshot by pressing Ctrl+F12, like with vanilla TSW while driving, but with God Mode also while using Photo Mode
  • Add ability to change "Wetness", "Winter Tree" and "Autum Tree" while in Photo Mode (the remaining weather settings are impossible to be changed while the world is paused as far as I'm aware)
  • Train Sim World 4 version detection
  • New "Train Sim World - Amber" theme based on the new TSW 4 amber UI accent colour
  • Fix arrows in Dynamic INI menu being shown as white squares for some users
  • Fix Zoomier Zoom overriding TSW 4 Photo Mode "Field of View" slider

Alpha 0.3.1

  • Window open & close animations
  • "Digital Display Popout" feature
  • WIP "Livery Exporter" feature
  • Train Sim World 4 preperations
  • Tooltip for timetables in the "Load Timetable" menu now uses "✔" and "✖" instead of "true" and "false"

Alpha 0.3.0

  • Dynamic ini feature
  • Banished the map boy
  • Add background overrides for the route backgrounds used in the "Load Timetable" menu. Higher resolution backgrounds are now used with "Tharandter Rampe: Dresden - Chemnitz", "Nahverkehr Dresden" and "Long Island Railroad"
  • Remove unused and broken testing code
  • Make internal TSW 2/3 detection more modular
  • God Mode added to "Glossop Line: Manchester - Hadfield & Glossop"

Foob_GodMode_MGP.pak - 30.06.2023

Alpha 0.2.5

  • Add Mapbox section to settings
  • Mapbox integration with "Teleport to Player Start" in the form of tooltips when hovering over a Player Start
  • Add "Success" log type to Modder's Log

Alpha 0.2.4

  • God mode added to "Peak Forest Railway: Ambergate - Chinley & Buxton"
  • Remove RTT marker debug message from Modder's Log

Alpha 0.2.3

  • God mode added to "Midland Main Line: Leicester - Derby & Nottingham"
  • Adjust behaviour of pull down menu sub-menu opening based on user feedback: When a menu has already been opened by hovering, clicking again no longer closes the menu
  • Add Data Track infromation to timetable tooltip in "Load Timetable" menu

Alpha 0.2.2

  • God Mode added to "Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel - Stockheim"
  • Added a tooltip for timetables in the "Load Timetable" menu showing some details about the timetable
  • Multi-line log entries are now automatically formatted correctly

Alpha 0.2.1

  • God Mode added to "Linke Rheinstrecke"
  • Markers are now gathered at runtime, which means God Mode compatibility updates with routes will become easier and faster (Known issue: The markers' alphabetical sort only sorts by the first letter. I wanted to get the update out with LFR but couldn't quite finish the sorting)

Alpha 0.2.0

  • Console Commands UI: ts2.*, TimeOfDaySystem.*, TrafficManager.*, STAT *, showdebug
  • Extras menu: "Teleport to Player Start", "Spawn HDX Jeep", "Show all Ribbons on Route Map"
  • Pull Down Menu UI backend
  • God Mode added to "Edinburgh - Glasgow", "Birmingham Cross City", "Bahnstrecke Bremen - Oldenburg", "The Holiday Express - Runaway Elf" and "New York - Trenton"
  • Marker list added to "Edinburgh - Glasgow", "Birmingham Cross City", "Bahnstrecke Bremen - Oldenburg", "The Holiday Express - Runaway Elf" and "New York - Trenton"
  • Changed highlight colour of the 'Train Sim World - Alpha' theme to red

Foob_GodMode_EDN-BCC-BRO-HDX.pak - 26.01.2023
Foob_GodMode_BCC-BRO-HDX.pak - 16.12.2022
Foob_GodMode_BCC-BRO.pak - 06.12.2022
Foob_GodMode_BCCPatch.pak - 20.11.2022

Alpha 0.1.2

  • God Mode now can differentiate between TSW 2 and TSW 3 which is indicated via an icon in the settings window
  • Added Universal Electrification and delete train UI in the Runtime Timetabling Window under "More Options" while the Console Command UI feature is still WIP
  • God Mode added to "Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel - Würzbrug" and "Cajon Pass"
  • Marker list added to "Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel - Würzbrug", "Cajon Pass" and "South Eastern Highspeed Extended"
  • Something something hidden command

Alpha 0.1.1

  • Window Resizing
  • God Mode added to "Island Line 2022"
  • Marker dropdown system implemented
  • Marker list added to all current routes (latest release: "Island Line 2022: BR Class 484")
  • Modder's Log "Event Begin Play" Fix: When log entries are made before the Widget has spawned (by using Event Begin Play) your entries will no longer be sent to the void, instead to a log buffer
  • Environment Settings Skylight Intensity slider replaced with spin box
  • German Localization added

Installation Instructions

Installed like any other pak-mod by being copied over to your Train Sim World 2, 3 or 4 \WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC\ folder. Make sure to choose the correct download for your game below.

Tags: tsw2 tsw3 tsw4


Foob_GodMode_0-5-3_TSW2-3.pak 1 MB · Added 15 hours ago · Downloaded 11×

This pak file is for TSW 2/3 on Steam and TSW 2 on Epic Games

Foob_GodMode_0-5-3_TSW4.pak 1 MB · Added 15 hours ago · Downloaded 134×

This pak file is for TSW 4 on Steam and TSW 4 on Epic Games

Foob_GodMode_EpicGamesPakFiles_0-5-3_TSW3.zip 7 MB · Added 15 hours ago · Downloaded 6×

If you're playing TSW 3 on Epic Games install one of the pak files in this zip, chosen based on one route you own (see README.txt inside the zip)

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 32,702 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Laika
Laika 10 Jul 2022

**Fantastic mod, only in alpha and already a game changer **

Avatar of Boa
Boa 25 Aug 2023

this moth be speaking facts

Avatar of Future
Future 11 Jul 2022

Just brilliant! It amazes me how far mods have come on since the early TSW2020 days to literal God Mode today

Avatar of jorge1981
jorge1981 11 Jul 2022

very good mod I liked it a lot but the locomotives that are generated with the mod do not work they do not advance

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 11 Jul 2022

I've had them work fine for multiple people 🤔
What loco are you trying to sapwn?

Avatar of jorge1981
jorge1981 11 Jul 2022

I already tried with all the locomotives and they do not react

Avatar of Steinchenwelt
Steinchenwelt 16 Jul 2022

I´ve tested around a bit and I have also come across multiple locos which didnt work:

RVD:(always as Light engines)
DCZ Railpool 185.2
DRA MRCE 185.5
DRA 363
DRA 146.2
KAH 187
DB BR 182

DCZ Railpool 185.2
DRA MRCE 185.5
DRA 363
DRA 146.2 (does work if you drive it from the cab car)
KAH 187

All other trains I tested worked.

Avatar of BassV
BassV 16 Jul 2022

Haven't tested them all but the BR 363 doesn't work for me neither. It runs when I spawn the loco, but as soon as I get seated in the cabin the engine shuts down and there is no possible way to start it up again.

When I spawn another 363 it's the same story, but when that engine shuts down the other loco starts up again!! Unable to drive it anyway. Strange...

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 16 Jul 2022

So after some further testing of the locomotives Steinchenwelt already played around with (thank you very much for that):

The DRA 363 problems I can confirm to be like BassV explained. When spawning multiple DRA 363s they all are actually broken, but others engines turning on when sitting in another 363 is just TSW trying to save resources by simplifying the simulation of those other 363s, which in the process of simplifying seems to turn the engine back on. If you own DCZ I can assure you that the DCZ 363 works, don't know about the RSN one though.

All other locos Steinchenwelt listed I could get moving by toggling AFB on and off once.

Hope this helps and you can understand that I can't do anything about the DRA 363

Avatar of Steinchenwelt
Steinchenwelt 16 Jul 2022

Thanks for the tip with the AFB, its working now!

Avatar of BassV
BassV 16 Jul 2022

Thanks for testing Foobian. I only have the RSN 363 and that one doesn't work. But a Class 66 works fine on dieseltracks too ;-)

Update: I got the RSN 363 working!! Turn off the power and fuel pump switch and then you can start the locomotive.

Avatar of RandomRail
RandomRail 17 Jul 2023

I have a similar issue with the clinchfield SD40 and the CSX GP-38/Sd40-2 In SPG, their sanders are on, the locomotive won't respond to the controls, and don't work, even after messing around a bit, they don't have power nor brake power. [CSX] Although the clinchfield one works a little bit, it does not have power and the controls don't really respond except for the brakes. Only happened with the SD40's

Avatar of 𝕸𝖗 𝕽𝖔𝖑𝖊𝖝 [FR]

How is the program executed ?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 14 Jul 2022

The .pak file is installed like any other pak-mod for TSW by being copied over into the game's DLC folder like explained above in the Installation Instructions section of the mod page. In-game you access the mod's functions by moving your mouse to the top edge of the game while loaded into a route

Avatar of Hauptmann Ålex | SFÅlex

How can I create marks for points I want to get guided to?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 14 Jul 2022

You can't create any, only use the ones DTG made

Avatar of Hauptmann Ålex | SFÅlex

And where can I see/find those?

Avatar of BassV
BassV 16 Jul 2022

The marker name you can either get with UUU (Universal Unreal Engine Unlocker) by entering the following commands:
GETALL TrackMarkerProperty MarkerName
GETALL NetworkPortalJunction PortalName

Avatar of Tom_fresco
Tom_fresco 13 Jul 2022

Absolutely love the ability to spawn locos and trains, great to discover unused brances :)

Avatar of David.68
David.68 13 Jul 2022

Le changement de locomotive ne fonctionne pas, cela provoque un déraillement et le scénario s'arrête

Avatar of renkity
renkity 13 Jul 2022

i literally made an account just to thank you. This is the thing that i needed in tsw. I always felt like there's not enough freedom, but this is something else. Just keep it updated and i'll love you for it.

Avatar of renkity
renkity 13 Jul 2022

also could you please explain more the 'route me to function'? Does it make a path to the desired marker with setting up juctions and signals? If so, what exactly is a marker that I should put in?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 14 Jul 2022

Yep it does exactly that.
The marker name you can either get with UUU (Universal Unreal Engine Unlocker) by entering the following commands:
GETALL TrackMarkerProperty MarkerName
GETALL NetworkPortalJunction PortalName
or you can wait for me to add manually put together lists for each route giving you a dropdown menu:
WIP: Marker Dropdown Menu

Avatar of renkity
renkity 14 Jul 2022

Thanks for your response, yet I don't feel very confident with the UUU, so I guess I'll just wait ^^

Avatar of DerZugvogel
DerZugvogel 14 Jul 2022

The UUU Does not work. If I press comma (thats the key i configured it to) nothing happens after injection. I really want to try out this feature

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 15 Jul 2022

Train Sim World 2 overwrites the console key specified in UUU. Depending on your keyboard layout the console might actually be on the ~ or key

Avatar of BassV
BassV 16 Jul 2022

If I type "GETALL TrackMarkerProperty MarkerName" in the console of UUU I get a long list of all the Markers (400+).

Is there a way to copy the output from the console to a text file?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 16 Jul 2022

Nope, i.g. the only way to get something out of that console is via your eyes, which is really hindering in many ways. But just so you know the marker dropdown is progressing well!
LondonFaversham Marker Dropdown

Avatar of BassV
BassV 16 Jul 2022

Awesome!! All we need then is a map with the location of all the markers and portals hahaha! ;-)

Avatar of 2_Transport
2_Transport 14 Jul 2022

Ok first off, this mod is absolutely amazing!
Can there a thing where it disables the game forcing you to restart when passing red signals or derailing? And also when spawning trains or spawning stuff in general, can there be a way to remove them by any chance?

Avatar of renkity
renkity 14 Jul 2022

For passing red signals I use the Save bug (you pass the red signal and at the moment the notification pops up you press ESC and S (to save), then go to main menu and load previous saved game).
For disabling derailing I bet that the command ts2.dbg.DisableDerailment will help.
For deleting trains I use command ts2.dbg.RemoveTrainFromTrack, but I don't know how to use it properly yet.
If I understand correctly, you should use the commands with value (ex. ts2.dbg.DisableDerailment 1, but feel free to correct me on this one)

Avatar of BassV
BassV 15 Jul 2022

There is no need to pass a red signal anymore ;-) Find the name of the signal, let's say it is "LR 11" Then type in the console: "ts2.signals.setroute LR_11 0" without the " and the signal will be no longer red. If this doens't work then type "ts2.signals.setroute LR_11 1" or "ts2.signals.setroute LR_11 2" etc.

EDIT: I found out that some signals just won't change and they just stay red :-(

Avatar of 2_Transport
2_Transport 21 Jul 2022

alright, thanks!

Avatar of EiHowa
EiHowa 14 Jul 2022

When I enter commands in the console they don't work. Do you know why?

Avatar of BassV
BassV 15 Jul 2022

What command did you type? They do not all work, like the "getall" etc

Avatar of EiHowa
EiHowa 14 Jul 2022

I would be extremly happy if you're able to make it possible to add services to the timetable or create completly new ones and then be able to make the set of new timetables to a .pak so we can upload these timetables here on trainsimcommunity

Avatar of scip
scip 14 Jul 2022

awesome thx a lot thats what i always wanted 🥲

Avatar of ~*.Alpha Foxy.*~
~*.Alpha Foxy.*~ 14 Jul 2022

Hey I just downloaded your mod and installed it like it is explained but now my game constantly crashes

Avatar of joakim
joakim 14 Jul 2022

how do i get the train engine started i though the train does not want to run

Avatar of Kian
Kian 14 Jul 2022

Is it possible to get more information for console? How to create routes?

Avatar of at07
at07 15 Jul 2022


A question regarding the control of the routes:

I enter in the menu my desired station to which I want to drive ... But the signal remains red for over 10 minutes.

What am I doing wrong?

Avatar of BassV
BassV 15 Jul 2022

Maybe there is another train with a green signal that is blocking your route. And are you sure you typed the right name of the destination?

Avatar of at07
at07 15 Jul 2022


Avatar of BassV
BassV 16 Jul 2022

Can you see the route on the map? Maybe there is no path from the track you are on? I've had the same issue. Tried another track as starting point and boom, the signal showed green. :)

Avatar of Yazici50.61 02
Yazici50.61 02 16 Jul 2022

Yes, I can see the path. It’s 1 station after Chemnitz Hbf and I start on the normal track.

Avatar of BassV
BassV 16 Jul 2022

Hmm, don't know what's going on... sorry.

Avatar of Ost-Trieb
Ost-Trieb 15 Jul 2022

Is it possible with that mod to get a VR view?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 15 Jul 2022

No, that is not in the realm of possibilities for a "simple" TSW mod, because that would involve significant changes in the Train Sim World executable. There is paid a program called vorpX , which hacks VR into games on a driver level. But I have no experience with this program and have no idea how well it works with TSW.

Avatar of DerZugvogel
DerZugvogel 16 Jul 2022

I already tried it but the controls are very buggy (looking around) and the performance is very bad

Avatar of Minako
Minako 16 Jul 2022

DerZugvogel, how did you make VR?

Avatar of BassV
BassV 15 Jul 2022

Awesome mod and a lot of fun to mess with! It has a lot of potential. How about adding the possibility to speed up the time with the "slomo" command or run faster with the "ts2.dbg.MaxRunSpeed" command. Or the "ts2.dbg.StrikeBolt" and the commands for more passengers etc

I'm also looking forward to the list with all the portals and markers!

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 15 Jul 2022

In a future version I want to categorise and make many console commands and console variables easily accessible in a Menu Strip style UI. I just have no idea how to tackle that yet, so I hope you can be patient a bit more.

Avatar of BassV
BassV 16 Jul 2022

The "route me to" menu you showed here before already looks great! I created an account here just to give this mod a thumbs up and to thank you for your work so far. Looking forward to future updates!!!

Avatar of Yazici50.61 02
Yazici50.61 02 16 Jul 2022

Could you explain to me a little more precisely how to set the routes? I've heard that you can do via the console somehow, but I found so far nowhere what exactly is meant by console ... The "Rout me" field? And how do you get access to the "console" if it wasn't the "Rout me" field? And is there the possibility to set signals and soft individual? So, for example, that I can drive on the München-Augsburg line on the stub track at Hackerbrücke?

Avatar of BassV
BassV 16 Jul 2022

Google UUU (Universal Unreal Engine Unlocker) and read about it. It's easy to find and understand.

Avatar of at07
at07 17 Jul 2022

So I have now done that as well as downloaded the program ... Read all markers works ... But the commands to switch the red signal do not work. I am just with a S-Bahn on the route "Munich-Augsburg" in Mammendorf on the track with the buffer stop ... The signal is called according to the sign
If I enter the command ts2.siggnals.setroute P7_16, ts2.siggnals.setroute P7_16 1 or ts2.siggnals.setroute P7_16 2 nothing happens.
What am I doing wrong?

Avatar of BassV
BassV 17 Jul 2022

It's speld with one g, so signals and not siggnals

Avatar of Luiz DreamMaster
Luiz DreamMaster 15 Jul 2022

seria possivel usar as pinturas feitas por nós...

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 16 Jul 2022

Short and simple answer: No.

Avatar of CapitolLimited
CapitolLimited 16 Jul 2022

Great work. Only issue I've had so far is that it breaks the zoom if you're using controller in cab view. It works fine for exterior view though which is strange.

Avatar of Froof
Froof 18 Jul 2022

¨Please make it easier to use. i have no clue how i can spawn a train on a route that it TSW2 normally doesnt let you drive and then get it to recognize where i wanna go

Avatar of DarwinZol
DarwinZol 20 Jul 2022

Hello, is it possible to add liveries to train when spawning?
Or, is it possible to remove trains?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 20 Jul 2022

Liveries: Nope
Remove trains: Open the console with the [>_] button in the top right and enter the command ts2.dbg.removeTrainFromTrack while sitting in a driver's seat of the train you want to delete

Avatar of DarwinZol
DarwinZol 21 Jul 2022


Avatar of DarwinZol
DarwinZol 21 Jul 2022

Another question (sorry): is it possible to remove locos instead of full consists?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 22 Jul 2022

Simply uncouple the loco from the consist

Avatar of BassV
BassV 21 Jul 2022

Nice update! The dropdown menu makes it a lot easier to pick a location. Still too bad that it's not always clear where the location exactly is. Maps like this could be useful as a start: https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/map/tsw-rro_463893#14/51.3570/7.4567

I still struggle with the routes, sometimes nothing happens and it's hard to understand why, because there's no feedback why a route is possible yes or no. Well, that's not entirely true, the console of UUU gives some feedback. But even when it says: "done! service quickdrive service##### added" a lot of times the signals don't change, even if the tracks are clear, no other trains are in the way. So a lot of question marks still ;-)

But keep on going Foobian! It's still a lot of fun to experiment!

Avatar of HunsletMidland
HunsletMidland 21 Jul 2022

An absolute game changer!

The only issue I am currently having is that when spawning in an electric train, the train struggles to distinguish whether it is on electrified track meaning that it can't take power. Diesels work completely fine.

Avatar of Rob Woods #9284
Rob Woods #9284 23 Jul 2022

Oh. My. God! That Zoom function!

Avatar of Lopes
Lopes 18 Sept 2022

I didn't like that endless FOV Zoom

Avatar of another_pointless_account

This is awesome. Regarding weather - would it be possible to simulate dynamic weather systems? Cycle up and down wetness/precipitation/wind etc throughout a journey or something with various presets. The static nature of the default weather is pretty dull when traveling long distances.

Avatar of ngc
ngc 25 Jul 2022

Do you think you could have a reference list of commonly used console commands for the console tab? it would be nice to have them accessible from in-game instead of having to look up the list every time.

Avatar of Betzii
Betzii 28 Jul 2022

"Route me to" feature doesn't work at all

Avatar of Bristolian
Bristolian 28 Jul 2022

Excellent work Foobian, I await further developments with eager anticipation :).

Avatar of Bristolian
Bristolian 28 Jul 2022

Do the Northern Trans Pennine route markers appear in the drop-down menu, as I don't see anything in that box.
Thank you.

Avatar of Johani
Johani 30 Jul 2022

Hi, thank you for making this mod, but I would like to know if it is possible to increase the traffic density or add some new trains into the timetable permanent timetable? If so, how?

Avatar of Stexred
Stexred 31 Jul 2022

very nice tool

Avatar of SalzigerMann
SalzigerMann 8 Aug 2022

Funktioniert bei mir irgendwie nicht

Avatar of rj1
rj1 16 Aug 2022

Firstly thank you for an amazing mod. I am primarily interested in controlling the weather and environment and think that the main problem is with the DTG rain setting. It seems that as you increase the amount of precipitation the fog or haze associated with that rain increases disproportionately and much too agressively. In real life heavy rain mutes colours but does not reduce them to greyscale for near objects in the way that TSW2 does. Is there any way of breaking this link or reducing this effect? Or even allowing a chroma adjustment to counterbalance this? It seems that for all its potential improvements the rain setting in tsw3 will look the same! Thanks again for this mod

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 16 Aug 2022

Thanks for the kind words first of all. Decoupling fog and preciptitation is not possible, some have even dug as far as creating new "weather scenarios" (weather presets), but no luck. Colour grading (which is what I imagine you mean with "chroma adjustment") you can already do, albeit not with a nice sliders, but through the inbuilt console accessible with the [>_] button in the to right. Simply enter the commands r.Color.Max, r.Color.Mid or r.Color.Min followed by a space and your desired floating point value and hit Enter. I'm not sure how much this helps with your specific issue with the rain though, but I hope you find some good values while playing around.

Avatar of rj1
rj1 16 Aug 2022

thanks thats really useful info. At least I am not the only one to notice this! Its a shame that the default rain setting is as it is. There is no comparison to TS classics weather with the AP pack. Also storm weather skies are way too bright. At least with your mod it is now possible to dial down the rain and get more realistic colour. I will have fun playing with the colour settings anyway!

Avatar of Luiz DreamMaster
Luiz DreamMaster 18 Aug 2022

Olá Pessoal, alguem sabe dizer se é possivel melhorar os farois das locomotivas?por que os farois das locomotivas sao tão fracos? já os farois das GP38-2 NS já são melhores . vçao mais distantes... são um pouco mais realistas

Avatar of sial8er
sial8er 2 Sept 2022

This is a game changer! Cannot play without it..

Are you planning on making a TSW3 version? If so, is it possible to add the save commands as a quick button? As it is hidden from the UI for now.

Avatar of rj1
rj1 3 Sept 2022

I would add my support to the request for a tsw3 Version...... the ability to change the environment 'live' is massively useful.

Avatar of MaxS730
MaxS730 3 Sept 2022

Very Nice! Can you bring it to TSW3?

Avatar of rj1
rj1 5 Sept 2022

hi, I have put the pak file into the relevant pak folder in tsw3 but it crashes on startup with a reference to your pak file in the unreal engine notification panel. should i delete the version in tsw2 or iis that not the cause of the ptoblem?

Avatar of CTSL Railfan
CTSL Railfan 6 Sept 2022

This is absolutely amazing and I'm very impressed you could pull this off. I have one suggestion though, and that is can you add a way go change the camera speed, more importantly, the freecam?

Avatar of NorwayLCAndTrains
NorwayLCAndTrains 6 Sept 2022

Ive redownloaded it on TSW3 and it seems like the 66 doesnt work with the route thing anymore

Avatar of scip
scip 7 Sept 2022

i think i get crashes with this mod if i delete it all works in tsw 3

Avatar of Bristolian
Bristolian 7 Sept 2022

I've just downloaded the latest version, and placed it in the DLC folder. It doesn't seem to work in TSW3. If placed in the PAK folder, the game crashes on start.

Avatar of rj1
rj1 7 Sept 2022

If it helps..... if I place it in the DLC folder (where TSW3 now seems to place all the pak files) it works as intended. If I place it in the Pak folder it I find that it crashes the game on startup.

Avatar of rj1
rj1 7 Sept 2022

I am wondering wether or not fog and precipitation can be decoupled using the UE4 console commands r.FogDensity and r.FogStartDistance so that rain no longer desaturates the colour so much from the near foreground? Some of the descriptions surrounding these commands are a bit above me though! lol

Avatar of JoaoRabit 🇵🇹
JoaoRabit 🇵🇹 7 Sept 2022

Is there a way to set the skylight intensity starting value to something other than 1.0? Is that in my .ini setting I have it set to 0.5 but the mod always overrides it to 1.0.

Avatar of Bristolian
Bristolian 8 Sept 2022

Has anyone got this working in the Epic release of TSW3?. Thank you.

Avatar of BassV
BassV 25 Sept 2022

Don't think that will work. I don't get it working with Windows Live also, since a have an Xbox Live account and it doesn't work either. Other mods also don't work. I think mods work only with the Steam version...?

Avatar of Luiz DreamMaster
Luiz DreamMaster 8 Sept 2022

o tsw3 de vocês salvam o progresso na minha da stean nao tem a opção de save

Avatar of Zinv
Zinv 11 Sept 2022

Can you add the option to spawn a train with a custom livery in the Runtime Timetabling? That would be amazing

Avatar of Rob Woods #9284
Rob Woods #9284 23 Sept 2022

What they said! I'd love to be able to spawn in a custom liveried train; particularly, as the mod also allows us to route them to places that aren't available in the "vanilla" route.

Avatar of Lopes
Lopes 18 Sept 2022

This Mod is changing the FOV in TSW3

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 24 Sept 2022

Yes... that's one of the features of the mod

Avatar of Lopes
Lopes 3 Oct 2022

Would it be possible to modify only this function to normal mode without removing the Mod

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 5 Oct 2022

There's a check box in the God Mode settings but I forgot one line of code and it doesn't return the TSW zoom to its working state

Avatar of Official_NoobyPlays
Official_NoobyPlays 26 Sept 2022

Amazing! However, one question. Is there ANY possible way to remove the signal fuction in TSW2? Ive always just wanted to bypass them, y'know?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 27 Sept 2022

Yes, there are multiple methods by now, I'll tell you about the easier two.
First, you can use God Mode to save the game with the command ts2.ui.SaveGame or ts2.dbg.ShowObjectiveUI after having SPADed (passed a red signal), and then reloading that save from the main menu
Second, you can use a patch trainsim.cz (aka. Muff) made that just straight up disables SPADing and also increases the livery designer layer limit to the maximum possible value. You can download that mod here: http://www.trainsim.cz/?mod=article&showid=2555&query=

Avatar of Official_NoobyPlays
Official_NoobyPlays 28 Sept 2022

Thank you!

Avatar of FarkFace Dot XXX
FarkFace Dot XXX 5 Oct 2022

the mod works fine for me on train sim world 2. but cant get it to work on train sim world 3, the Epic games version. Any advice ?

Avatar of ProEndurance
ProEndurance 10 Oct 2022

I also have an issue with the locomotives not being able to be ran. I've tried shutting them down and restarting and nothing. Some will work just fine but others just are like a decoy. The ones I use mostly are the american diesel locomotives like the SD40-2 and what not. The brakes will release, but after going through the start up and flipping the correct switches in the cab the locomotive does not move other than being on a grade she will roll down the hill with brakes released.

Avatar of Carlo612
Carlo612 16 Oct 2022

Hey, first I want to thank you for this mod. He makes the game much better! But switching signals, I haven’t quite understood that yet.
I usually drive the track “Tharanter Rampe”, the exit signal in Dresden HBF is “30 ZR267”, ZR267 is under 30. So what do I have to enter? “ts2. signals. setroute” and then?
Thank you for your help.

Avatar of einsAlex
einsAlex 16 Oct 2022

The person who made This is a god!

Avatar of German_guy
German_guy 23 Oct 2022
  1. Nice work 2. I test the comand with the Signal set at the addon Dresden risa and i can't set the signals to green with the comand: ts2. signals. Setroute can you help me? :-)
Avatar of Pepito
Pepito 24 Oct 2022

Hey, Thank you for this awesome mod ! One quick question. I have set a route and I have reach the destination. Is there a way to set up another destination just after ? or maybe a way to clear the current one and to set up a second one ? How to tell to TSW that we have reached the destination because there is no marker... ? thanks in advance for your help

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 25 Oct 2022

If you stand up and sit down again you get a proper instruction with marker and all. Then it acts like a proper service and is completable with a completion screen as well

Avatar of Pepito
Pepito 25 Oct 2022

Yes it is working well, you are right ! Thank you very much for your help.

Avatar of Cobra_Railways
Cobra_Railways 23 Nov 2022

Hi there, once you have finished the objective, and set a new objective with god mode, using the runtime timetabling (same ui as the one to spawn your own consist), it doesnt set a new path and keeps your signals at danger, is there a way to fix this? I am unsure of how to use the command line to set an objective currently.

Avatar of Maks_sev
Maks_sev 2 Nov 2022

Hello, tell me what commands are controlled by semaphores? after all, there are no signs on them.

Avatar of Pepito
Pepito 17 Nov 2022

Hello Foobian,
Do you know how we could disable the AI on a Trainset ? For example I have built a push pull compo with two BR143 but with a such config I cannot set up a route because I have myself at the front and an AI at the rear : the dispatcher is bugged here. Thanks in advance

Avatar of Boa
Boa 1 Feb 2023

The way that I fix that, is by deleting the AI train, and just spawning it with no route

Avatar of Rich 84
Rich 84 20 Nov 2022

Brilliant mod, love the zoomier zoom & been able to change the weather on the fly.

Avatar of ts2006
ts2006 21 Nov 2022

how do i activate god mode what key is it

Avatar of Stexred
Stexred 21 Nov 2022

no key needed hover mouse pointer on top of the screen

Avatar of ts2006
ts2006 21 Nov 2022

Cheers mate, do i need both files installed

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 22 Nov 2022

If you want God Mode on the newly released Brimingham Cross City route, yes

Avatar of FreezeLP
FreezeLP 28 Jan 2023

Can you implement things like faster run, fly, ....?

Avatar of ProEndurance
ProEndurance 29 Jan 2023

If you use Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker you can have it set to walk or run faster

Avatar of Boa
Boa 4 Feb 2023

So I have spirit of steam on TSW2, and the tender and engine are 2 seperate RVD's, is there a way to couple them? As I have been unable to find a way. (and yes, I know you can just spawn one as a light loco, but I'm wondering about RVD's)

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 5 Feb 2023

DTG doesn't want the player to uncouple tender and engine, so they didn't setup the coupler to be interactable. This means you can't couple the two, you always need to spawn the formation

Avatar of PortlandAreaRailfan

how do i download this for xbox store on pc?

Avatar of Morilol_HD
Morilol_HD 13 Feb 2023

hi, I had buyed TSW 3. So than i want to install this mod but it dont worked. I had packed the mod in my DLC ordner. But I cant use the god Mode ingame?

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 22 Feb 2023


Avatar of Boa
Boa 22 Feb 2023

Alpha 0.2.0!!!

Avatar of Jucka
Jucka 23 Feb 2023

I am not able to drive a spawned ICE 3 because it does not get electricity even if i raise the pantographs

Avatar of JF3110
JF3110 25 Feb 2023

Battery she's "off" maybe

Avatar of Boa
Boa 4 Mar 2023

You have to close circuit breaker

Avatar of Zinv
Zinv 24 Feb 2023

I absolutely love this mod! Is it possible to spawn in a loco in a livery (from livery editor)? I can only find the official versions in the list

Avatar of JWNZ
JWNZ 3 Mar 2023

I second this comment.

Awesome mod by the way, nice work!

Avatar of Boa
Boa 4 Mar 2023


Avatar of Smitty33
Smitty33 27 Feb 2023

Hey Foobian! This is probably the best mod to ever become a thing for this game! This seriously opens up alot that DTG failed to include and who knows why. My biggest thing I want to know possibly is how to use the command line to set route paths and force signal and switch changes. I'm aware of the function added under where you can spawn locos and how you can only do it once. I'm assuming using the manual command line will override anything? I already have some information regarding the specific route I'm in and it's the Boston to Providence line. Do you have any idea on what any of the exact signal and station codes are? Someone told me the stations are for example "Mansfield_East_TR1" as a command but I have yet to get anything to set a path. Or "Block_2031_West_TR1" as an example. Any help appreciated!!

Avatar of JCCL
JCCL 22 Mar 2023

Hello Foobian. Good job with this mod.
Is there any mod or command line to let us change these rail sidings? (railroad switch)

Julio Cesar

Avatar of Ligithin
Ligithin 25 Mar 2023

Actually yes, but I've only been able to use the Universal Unreal Unlocker to do it because the limitations of god mode. The command is SET NetworkTurnoutJunction bManuallyControlled true | SET NetworkDoubleSlipJunction bManuallyControlled true

FOOB Originally found that little Gem and it works from the pause map screen.

Avatar of Shuroop
Shuroop 20 Apr 2023

Hello, I enter these commands, but there is no feedback in the console after it.
And how to control these junctions from the map if they have interaction points, unlike manual junctions?

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 24 Mar 2023

Hello Foobian, your God Mode mod has me interested, and I would like to try using it, do I need to / must use uuu unlocker? to use your mod?
I ask because several days ago, I had to reinstall my game, because bitdefender saw uuu as attack when injected the dll,
it cleansed and quarantined the files involved, spend a good day getting everything back up and running, with all exceptions I
can think of added to bitdefender.

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 24 Mar 2023

God Mode does not inject a DLL file so neither the injection feature of UUU nor you adding the Foob_GodMode.pak to your bitdefender exceptions should be necessary

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 27 Mar 2023

Thank you very much, I sure can use it on a few DLC's routes / scenarios to help make the nights a bit brighter, but just the shear power / abilities it can provide is what has me interested. And for sure will give it a go.

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 24 Mar 2023

Screens are not working on the SD70ACe when I spawn one in, not an issue for me because I am going to use these spawnable ACe's as a means to make it up the sherman hill in a manifest train

Avatar of FreezeLP
FreezeLP 26 Mar 2023

Can you create a script with which you can label the ZZA yourself?

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 29 Mar 2023

Been having an issue with a scenario in TSW2 your mod helped me a lot with the time of day change, worked great... I did want to say that the (Extras menu: "Teleport to Player Start") has me slowly falling unless I'm doing it incorrectly? Very new to this type of tool / mod.

Also not sure if there is another setting I needed to change when changing time of day, unless it is activating an ai train(s) that is ai controlled. See image where two trains box me in, I was able to push them to a siding and continue on, or did I change things to early in the scenario I was doing.

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 30 Mar 2023

I did want to say that the (Extras menu: "Teleport to Player Start") has me slowly falling unless I'm doing it incorrectly?
This is because the world hasn't loaded in around you yet. No world, no ground to stand on. Try teleporting again and again, until the world has finished loading around you

Also not sure if there is another setting I needed to change when changing time of day, unless it is activating an ai train(s) that is ai controlled.
This is unavoidable, as changing the date and time changes it for the timetable/scenario as well. So a lot of trains think they are already past their start time and start driving their service thinking they are very delayed.

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 30 Mar 2023

Okay Very good, I appreciate you taking time to get back to me, I will give that another go, but as soon as the video is edited down for time, I will show what I was dealing with. The ai trains I can handle and work around, and it does make sense with the ai trains and time change. As long as your mod helps me that is what matters and so far so good, just gotta figure out a good POV :) for me.

Avatar of H enjoyer
H enjoyer 3 Apr 2023

Amazing mod! this is the best mod for TSW it changes the game significantly. You should really add the ability to spawn trains with custom liveries made through livery designer.

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 13 Apr 2023

God Mode Was a Great Help in making this video, "A Great Big Thank You" Also if this is not the place to post this to show you how it helped, please let me know and I will remove it. youtube

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 15 Aug 2023

This scenario has been fixed, it can be completed without any mod assist. there is a lot going on and I just have had time to make an update to this video. I'm hoping to get to it asap. I post this for all who may not have tried it or seen seen that it is fixed.

Avatar of Skyliner
Skyliner 18 Apr 2023

when this mod get update for new route?

Avatar of joakim
joakim 19 Apr 2023

pls update Midland Main Line to Godmode we need Alpha 0.2.3

Avatar of realthebritishgamer

jesus the route only just released give him time

Avatar of joakim
joakim 20 Apr 2023

well i dont think gonna but more mods becasue Midland Main Line has Crashing all mods its be Fixed new update to Alpha 0.2.3 icant not wait no more

Avatar of Skyliner
Skyliner 20 Apr 2023

? ive had no crashing.

Avatar of joakim
joakim 20 Apr 2023

ok for me i got crash on Midland Main Line in Scenario Planner did not know why means X64 shipping UE4 ?

Avatar of Skyliner
Skyliner 20 Apr 2023

oh i dont use planner really so idk sorry

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 21 Apr 2023

"X64 shipping UE4" just means that you are using the public version of a Unreal Engine 4 game for 64-bit computers (which is what TSW is). Unforutunately the crash information of shipping UE4 games rarely tells you the actual crash reason. Still this shouldn't be related to God Mode, as God Mode only loads on compatible routes, which MML isn't yet.

Avatar of TrainLeon
TrainLeon 21 Apr 2023

Hey Hallo!
Ich habe nur kurz eine Frage.
Wenn ich zum Beispiel die Br 425 spawnen will stürzt das Spiel ab. Das ist bei ganz vielen Zügen so an was liegt das?
Und bei einem YouTuber habe ich gesehen das er ein TGV dublex spawnt bei mir hat es die Mod nicht angezeigt liegt es daran das ich die Züge nicht habe oder an was liegt das?
Ich habe übrigens nur das in tsw 3 was alle am Anfang haben Kassel - Würzburg / Liverpool/Diese USA Güterzug Strecken und southeastern high speed brauche ich gewisse Züge oder Strecken um die Züge zu bekommen?
Habe bis her kein Cent ausgegeben!
Sonst super mod macht super viel Spaß!
Bitte um Hilfe! 🙃

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 21 Apr 2023

Guten Abend Leon!
Ja das liegt daran, dass du die Fahrzeuge (aus Strecken oder Fahrzeug DLCs) nicht besitzt. Auch bei der 425!
Der Eintrag erscheint zwar in der Liste, denn er wird im Fahrplan von Kassel - Würzburg genutzt, aber solange man nicht Hauptstrecke Rhein Ruhr besitzt wird dieser Zug auf Kassel - Würzburg deaktiviert. Andernfalls würde es wie für dich abstürzen, weil du versuchst nicht existente Fahrzeuge zu laden.
Hoffe das ist schlüssig erklärt 🙂

Avatar of TrainLeon
TrainLeon 21 Apr 2023

Vielen dank für die Antwort ok ich weiß nun Bescheid 🙃

Avatar of TrainLeon
TrainLeon 21 Apr 2023

Dann kaufe ich mir mal train Sim world 2 und dazu die rush hour

Avatar of TrainLeon
TrainLeon 21 Apr 2023

Hey Hallo soll es heißen! 😆

Avatar of Nippur
Nippur 22 Apr 2023

Is there a way to operate an automatic switch?

Avatar of realthebritishgamer

Hi foobian great mod but i seem to have a issue with the MML and west summerset when i try to route myself it doesnt work even setting the time to 2am doesnt help, i get the destination mark but the route or signals dont set. any ideas how to fix the issue

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 24 Apr 2023

After standin up and sitting down again, do you have a green line on the route map and just the instruction marker? If not then there's no possible path there

Avatar of realthebritishgamer

just the instruction marker

Avatar of Semo
Semo 26 Apr 2023

Hi everyone, I can't start an ICE1 on the training track with the mod, I can't turn on the direction switch. I just can't push the button. Also, if I spawn more than one engine or train, all the buttons are simply pressed.

Hallo zusammen, ich schaffe es nicht, mit dem Mod ein ICE1 auf der Trainings-Strecke zu starten, ich kann den Richtungsschalter nicht einschalten. Ich kann den Knopf einfach nicht drücken. Zudem, wenn ich mehr als eine Lok oder Zug spawne, werden einfach alle Knöpfe gerückt.

Avatar of Werewolf Vincent 🐺

Time to add Peak Forest

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 10 May 2023

Avatar of itzdoctordavidplays

Hey will there ever be a update where you will be able to spawn a train and be able to pick custom liverys from Creators club or before you spawn you can pick?

Avatar of Werewolf Vincent 🐺

Added Glossop Line

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 29 Jun 2023

Not yet... Tomorrow I promise!

Avatar of Rich 84
Rich 84 30 Jun 2023

How about please and thank you, Foobian isn't legally obliged to add the Glossop line!

Avatar of madduckuk
madduckuk 1 Jul 2023

Thank you so much for the update! Trying out Glossop on thursday reminded me how unplayable the game is without Zoomier Zoom on a 21:9 monitor.

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 4 Jul 2023

Again I can't thank you enough for making the mods, I do have a question though, you posted a comment ("Temporary pak for "Glossop Line: Manchester - Hadfield & Glossop" compatibility with God Mode Alpha v0.2.5") along with and for Gloossop God mode, do you see other updates coming or a few kinks that need to be worked out.

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 5 Jul 2023

I do want to get another feature in a more presentable state first and because I was already a bit behind with the compatibility I opted for a temporary pak again instead of making and testing changes to the God Mode core

Avatar of satiel86
satiel86 6 Jul 2023

This is the best mod ever!
Quick question, i would like to set on LGV the load of the train, as in number of passenger onboard, otherwise they run empty all of the time, you think there is a way? Thanks!

Avatar of Myron
Myron 9 Jul 2023

yo, the field for the mapbox access token says "mapboy" instead of "mapbox"

maybe you could fix that for the next update

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 9 Jul 2023

Already fixed, just has yet to go out

Avatar of Alex
Alex 10 Jul 2023

Map boy, map boy, map map map boy boy

(I'll get my coat)

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 10 Jul 2023

The next series starts today, can't wait!

Avatar of Werewolf Vincent 🐺

Class 700 is next

Avatar of TheSouthernRex
TheSouthernRex 13 Jul 2023

cant get this to work im on PC gamepass anyway you can make it compatible?

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 24 Jul 2023

About time for me to write a comment here xD

Thanks for letting me test godmode from time to time
and nice to see to what it has evolved.
Stay Ugly

Avatar of jake
jake 25 Jul 2023

is there a way to set all the traffic lights to green so I dont fail the service

Avatar of Adsim
Adsim 26 Jul 2023

Very good

Avatar of Adsim
Adsim 26 Jul 2023

Is it possible to disable collisions with the free camera?

Avatar of Adsim
Adsim 28 Jul 2023

ok i found the solution

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 27 Jul 2023

Are there any known conflicts with other mods?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 27 Jul 2023

Nope, no known conflicts!

Avatar of csaba
csaba 29 Jul 2023

If you cannot display the console in UUU (Universal Unreal Engine Unlocker) because you use a non-US international keyboard layout then do the following:

  • In Windows, install the basic US English keyboard layout. Make sure it is not US International because it has different keys and won't work.
  • To verify that the US English layout is correctly installed, open Notepad or some basic text editor and check if your layout is US English by typing something. If not, press Windows key+SPACE which switches to the next installed layout. Check that now the layout is US English. If not, repeat this until the layout is US English. If you eventually arrive to the US English layout (depending on how many layouts you have installed) then you can proceed.
  • Start Train Sim World 2 (for me it worked with the Epic Games version).
  • Start UUU, and inject the DLL.
  • In the UUU window, on the Available features page check that "In-game console available" is Yes.
  • In TSW go to Options → Settings → Controls → Keyboard Controls. In the bottom right corner you should see "Keyboard Layout code: D001040E". If it is something else then press Windows key+SPACE and check the bottom right corner. You might have to exit the Keyboard Controls menu and come back to see the change. Repeat this until you see the code D001040E.
  • After this, start playing and once you are in the game you should be able to open the console using the tilde key, which is the one above your TAB key.
  • Once you finished issuing console commands, you can switch back to your non-US keyboard layout with Windows key+SPACE. This way all your configured keyboard controls will start working again.
Avatar of chalismaximus
chalismaximus 5 Aug 2023

There's something I'm trying to achieve. Can anyone help me?

What I'd like is to be able to sit in the driver's seat while an AI is controlling the train. To be clear I don't wish to take control of the train myself. What'd be ideal is if I could remove the character model of the AI driver then sit down like I'm driver, but have the AI retain control.

What I'd also accept is a new camera position right in front of the AI driver's face. Like when you sit in the seat next to the driver you can flip through a few static camera positions so adding one from the driver's point of view without clipping into their face would be just as good.

OR allow the free camera that follows the train to clip into it so I can manually place it in front of the driver's face.

You might be thinking "Just crouch on the AI driver's lap. Done.". There's two deal breaker problems with that: your view is too low so it looks silly but worse, you're not connected to the train so as it rocks side to side your view remains static which again, looks silly.

I suppose another work around option would be a way to bolt yourself to the floor of a train when standing up and have manual control over the height of your camera view, that way I could just stand on the AI driver and move my camera to the appropriate level.

Is any of this currently possible with this mod, or something that can be added in?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 7 Aug 2023

So far no mod has tried to do something like this, but this is something I should totally be able to add to God Mode. Thank you for your inquiry and I will have a look when I'm back from holiday 😃

Avatar of chalismaximus
chalismaximus 9 Aug 2023

Sweet! Thank you. I look forward to hearing about your progress \o/

Avatar of chalismaximus
chalismaximus 20 Sept 2023

Any word on what I talked about above? Or is everything kind of on halt until TSW 4 comes out?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 20 Sept 2023

No progress yet, busy with real life

Avatar of chalismaximus
chalismaximus 21 Sept 2023

No worries. Thanks for the update.

Avatar of chalismaximus
chalismaximus 15 Nov 2023

Yay update \o/ Aww it doesn't have what I requested. Much sad.

Avatar of chalismaximus
chalismaximus 17 days ago

Just bumping this in case you forgot about it. I'd still love to have this functionality o/

Avatar of rogago
rogago 8 Aug 2023

Can I use MapBox while driving a train? Or is it only needed for integration into "Teleport to player stars"?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 8 Aug 2023

Mapbox is a mapping service in of itself. God Mode only interacts with it for displaying small tooltips in the "Teleport to Player Start" menu using real world mapping data provided through Mapbox.

Avatar of dylanrenfe446
dylanrenfe446 9 Aug 2023

Why is not functioning AISetDrivable?

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 13 Aug 2023

I'm sure you will be busy with a lot of things when you get back from vacation. Will you be planning to add in the option to spawn the latest Norfolk Southern Heritage ES44AC locomotive Livery Collection DLC,

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 13 Aug 2023

They should already be spawnable. If not then that would be indicative of a bug with the DLC itself

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 13 Aug 2023

thanks for getting back to me, I will look and try again, I tried yesterday before contacting you here, and I will let you know as soon as I can if and what I discover one way or another.

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 15 Aug 2023

A quick update, I tried spawning them again and they did spawn all 9 of them. Again I thank you for all the effort you put into all your mods, this one here is an amazing mod.

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 16 Aug 2023

Glad to know it's working and also thanks for the praise, I appreciate it!

Avatar of Myron
Myron 22 Aug 2023

I'm still going to use godmode don't worry, I need it to change the time, weather, and most importantly for the zooming.

It however IS nice that the train spawn feature in the advanced freeroam in TSW4 makes us able to spawn trains like using godmode. it's also honestly a little bit better as it shows the area where the train is and probably wont spawn it if there are restrictions.

Avatar of passihd
passihd 25 Aug 2023

it would be cool if it was possible to check if a route can actually be pathed before you do setpathedroute in the rtt gui (if possible obv.) maybe also mapbox overlay for the different options for routing, although i think that's too complicated. would be cool tho!

Avatar of _Lukascraft_
_Lukascraft_ 22 Sept 2023

wird es diese mod auch für tsw4 geben?

Avatar of Myron
Myron 22 Sept 2023

ich habe es gerade ausprobiert, godmode funktioniert auch auf TSW4, die leiste oben wird getriggert, allerdings kann ich noch nicht sagen ob es sicher ist alle funktionen der mod zu nutzen ohne dass das spiel crasht, report dazu folgt gleich

Avatar of Myron
Myron 22 Sept 2023

es scheint alles soweit super zu funktionieren

Avatar of Regiobus-Fan
Regiobus-Fan 22 Sept 2023

Welche Version muss ich installieren, damit GodMode in TSW 4 funktioniert?

Avatar of Myron
Myron 22 Sept 2023

eben noch die letzte jetzt aber ganz sicher 0.3.2

Avatar of Myron
Myron 22 Sept 2023

Foob I have an issue to report, photo mode's zoom does not work properly when having godmode's zoom setting enabled

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 22 Sept 2023

You legend! Thanks

Avatar of Myron
Myron 22 Sept 2023

hey Foob it's me again, if you'll ever read this. someone on the DTG forums asked the following:
"(...) about the chances of implementing moving the cab camera, adjusting its XYZ values?"

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 1 Oct 2023

Thanks for forwarding my request.

I have uploaded camera mods now, I can't speak for foobian but I do not think it is easy to implement this into god mode, as it is not using global variables, and the camera data is individual for each loco, so it would be a complex task I suppose.

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 1 Oct 2023

The intent is to just shift the active camera returned by the PlayerCameraManager with the ability to save these positions and even automatically re-apply them

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 1 Oct 2023

The intent is this, yeah - though as a first step, just having a box displaying X Y and Z of the current InteractionEnvironmentCameraComponent / PlayerCam's RelativeLocation and be able to change them.
Saving them to an .ini file per RailVehicle or DLC would be step two to reapply them.
I think step 1 would already be a big improvement because everybody can make his own choice - some like to see all controls, some want the actual driver's position closer to the controls and window.
QOL improvements would then be implementing arrows to shift the position in, say, 1 cm steps or seamlessly, doesn't really matter.

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 23 Sept 2023

Hello and thank you for updating your mode for TSW4.
If I've understood correctly, only one of the files is chosen for each line.
Do you also plan to update the Nahverkehr Dresden that we have with TSW4?
Thanks again

Avatar of Myron
Myron 23 Sept 2023

Dresden-Riesa works like it always does. why should it need an update?

Avatar of goodwill3251
goodwill3251 25 Sept 2023

how would i change the livery of a locomotive such as the MP36

Avatar of PAULO RJ
PAULO RJ 4 Oct 2023

no TSW 4 nao funciona!!

Avatar of Myron
Myron 6 Oct 2023

may I ask why there are way less formations now? where are single RVD? is it because of free roam? I want to spawn a 182 but can't find it's light loco variant!!

Avatar of PAULO RJ
PAULO RJ 6 Oct 2023

were you able to access the mode in tws 4...

Avatar of Myron
Myron 7 Oct 2023

yes of course

Avatar of Myron
Myron 7 Oct 2023

heyo foob! is there any possibility making the screens that you can display in windows seperately, movable onto seperate screens? currently it doesn't really seem to work as it's only inside the game itself

(screenshot from a friend)

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 8 Oct 2023

Not possible. Unreal Engine does not natively support rendering multiple windows

Avatar of Myron
Myron 8 Oct 2023

what about an external program for/like godmode that grabs the screen from in-game and displays them outside of the game?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 8 Oct 2023

I already have a working prototype for communicating with an external program, but it would not be able to handle transmitting an entire image

Avatar of Myron
Myron 8 Oct 2023

alright thanks anyways

Avatar of jfb
jfb 7 Oct 2023

hey foob, this is really some great work! Is it possible to resize the windows of the Digital Display Popout - Display a RVV's Widget ? I found out that it is possible with the popup window, but not with the actual display output itself.

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 8 Oct 2023

Planned feature ^^
Just haven't worked on God Mode in a while since TSW 4 is really frustrating me with getting mods to work

Avatar of jfb
jfb 8 Oct 2023

Awesome! Really looking forward to that.
In the meantime all the best for getting the mods to work.

Avatar of ACSoft
ACSoft 9 Oct 2023

"Lighting overhaul mode" recommend to use this "God Mode" to adjust the Skylight intensity, but I cannot found how to open the console for this "God Mode", to access this slider.

I read in a comment here and even on other Internet pages or videos that I should use the " >_ " button on the menu bar, but I simply can't open this menu bar in any window mode I tried (fullsceen, windowed). I have absolutely no idea about accessing in deep functionnalities of either TSW4 nor Unreal Engine.

Can someboby help me how to do that in details ?

Thanks in forward.

Avatar of Duggy43
Duggy43 11 Oct 2023

i am using TSW4 bought from from the windows store on PC, so not steam or epic ( and i dont have windowsnoeditor folders) - will this work for me ?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 12 Oct 2023

Unfortunately not. The Microsoft Store version does not support any mods which add new functionality to the game, at most simple file replacement mods.

Avatar of PAG
PAG 17 Oct 2023

Hi Congratulations this is awesome! I noticed that some commands do not work, is there any website with a list of some of the most usefull commands and their pourpose? Also i found some tutorials in youtube but they are all in german is there any in english?

Avatar of Fawx
Fawx 23 Oct 2023

Not sure if it would be possible to add but. Is there anyway an option could be put in to start the route with a randow weather selection every time?

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 25 Oct 2023

Hello Foobian,
I tried installing the TSW2/3/4/ version as well as an older version 2.5 into TSW2020 but it just crashes.
You Would not by chance have a Foob_Godmode.pak for TSW2020, lying around, I know this an off the wall crazy Question and in a backwards direction.

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 25 Oct 2023

Train Sim World 2020 would require a rewrite of God Mode. It's both on an earlier version of Unreal Engine and would be missing a few features which didn't exist before TSW 2.
So short answer is: no TSW 2020 version exists

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 25 Oct 2023

Thank you, I appreciate you getting back to me. I know it was a long shot and I was hoping, just maybe but I understand. Again, thank you for making our games bettor, I know I'm going backward with TSW2020. :)

Avatar of Rick Mota
Rick Mota 2 Nov 2023

Hi Foobian congrats to you for your work and sharing this superb mod! I got one question, how can i turn on the mapbox? I think in on settings but i cant understand how to do it. Thank you very much!

Avatar of grekka
grekka 4 Nov 2023

for some reason , when using this mod i lose the option to zoom .

i am using a controller?

Avatar of gghobby
gghobby 14 Nov 2023

Bonjour, I downloaded the TSW4 Epic version of the mode but had an issue: I choosed the God mode AVL Pak but the route Sand Patch disappered. Same issue even after desinstall and install again of the route SPG. Finally I had to completely reinstall TSW4.

26/11/2023: SORRY Foobian, this issue was caused by the mode "CSX Safety vest" for Sand Patch Grade
I appologize for my previous comment.

Avatar of TKessel
TKessel 14 Nov 2023

Thanks for the update of God Mode with 0.4 :-) But the FOV Setting for Photo Mode is broken again ;-)

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 14 Nov 2023

Ooops, fixed and releasing update shortly! Thank you for reporting

Avatar of TKessel
TKessel 14 Nov 2023

Thank you for fixing it :-)

Avatar of Emeraldzebra
Emeraldzebra 16 Nov 2023

Hey foob, Just installed your latest update and its broken the FOV Slider. I never had the issue until the 0.4.1 update thats supposed to Fix that! TSW being TSW am i right. Just wondering if you have any idea's or a way i can rollback my update. Thanks

Avatar of Myron
Myron 17 Nov 2023

Foob! I have one think to ask for, could you perhaps modify the behaviour of the thing with the skylight intensity, so instead of Godmode resetting it to 1 all the time, it accepts the value set in Engine.ini and adapts the slider to it? that'd be much better than if I had to move the slider every time, it gets slightly annoying. Hope you understand :)

Avatar of BassV
BassV 18 Nov 2023

Question: what do I type to change this signal?
"ts2.signals.SetRoute 4127> 0" is not working. Other signals without the ">" mark do work.

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 19 Nov 2023

Try ts2.signals.SetRoute 4127_> 0

Avatar of BassV
BassV 20 Nov 2023

Doesn't work unfortunately. It is the SE Highspeed route in TSW3. Tried every combination, but still nothing... Any help is appreciated!

Avatar of Alex
Alex 10 Dec 2023

The > just points at the track to which the signal applies and isn't part of the signal's name. Does just 4127 work?

If not, perhaps it's prefixed internally with the signal box code or the name of the area/station where it's located.

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 26 Nov 2023

Not really possible for God Mode unfortunately. Perhaps there is some way to unlock the viewmode command by editing the TSW executable like Muff did a few times for the SPAD removal and infinite livery designer layers mod. Besides that I can't swap out all the materials with an unlit variant without breaking a lot of stuff and doing something with Post-Processing won't yield good results.

PS: Did you intentionally choose my own screenshot for the example? xD

Avatar of schonenabendnoch
schonenabendnoch 28 Nov 2023

Is it possible to change the destination on the train via the GodMode?

Avatar of Frates
Frates 28 Nov 2023

Has anyone managed to succesfully set a path on Peak Forest ?

I can set the destination which shows up on the map, but I cant get a path to set and all the signals stay red. Tried multiple destinations, etc but no luck.

Avatar of Frates
Frates 10 Dec 2023

It may be because I'm trying to set paths which can't be achieved so for anyone else who's interested, a partial work-around is to use the SPAD removal tool. The destination still can't be set to certain parts of the route, but at least you access some of the otherwise inaccessible branch lines https://www.trainsim.cz/?mod=article&showid=2636&nod1=6&nod2=1

Avatar of joakim
joakim 28 Nov 2023

we need God Mode - Alpha 0.4.2 update i wish we can have more to change plattfrom pis display i was thinking you working to routes destination pis

Avatar of Nippur
Nippur 28 Nov 2023

Not working for me on Maintalbahn.

Avatar of TKessel
TKessel 28 Nov 2023

Jepp, not working

Avatar of Xander1986
Xander1986 28 Nov 2023

Jepp i have the same issue

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 28 Nov 2023

Thank you for reporting. Fix is coming right up!

Avatar of Xander1986
Xander1986 28 Nov 2023

Thanks for your fast support :)

Avatar of joakim
joakim 29 Nov 2023

can you make pis working with destinations clocks timestable pls my route dont show pis in routes in scenario planner 2.0 not too in Free Roam ?<@1d558c78-70d1-465e-9dd1-951e51b27513>(Foobian)

Avatar of Thrasher37
Thrasher37 3 Dec 2023

So im not sure if its been asked already, but how do i import liveries from the creator to the editor, someone put a link to this mod so hope this is how to do it

Avatar of YamadaRyo
YamadaRyo 4 Dec 2023

Forgive my poor English, I come from Asia
I have a question: switching to a third person perspective while driving a Jeep and then switching to a first person perspective will limit my movement. I cannot move using the movement keys
My program is TSW3

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 4 Dec 2023

That is a bug with TSW not with God Mode, there's nothing I can do I'm affraid

Avatar of YamadaRyo
YamadaRyo 4 Dec 2023

Okay, thank you very much for your reply

Avatar of joakim
joakim 7 Dec 2023

Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker is not working no more its crashing on Steam in TSW 4 every time start game R.i,p Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker is there way fix it

Avatar of NikolasXD
NikolasXD 9 Dec 2023

hey, how do i spawn a working ice 3m? in train sim world 2 i can't seem to spawn a working ice 3m.
(i just want the end car for like extra speed)

Avatar of PuffeB
PuffeB 16 Dec 2023

Fantastic mod!!! Mega thanks!

Avatar of OmsiVimeca
OmsiVimeca 17 Dec 2023

Any of the mods is working on my ts4 ;(

Avatar of yoyochen
yoyochen 19 Dec 2023

Forgive my poor English, I come from Asia too.

I have a illegal tsw3 tsw4 uwp version(all dlc), both tsw3 and tsw4 can used god mode, but tsw4 can't spawn HDX jeep and some scenerio ts2.rtt command missing part of the train.

So is this a problem with tsw4? or am I missing something?

tsw3 is no problem!

Avatar of torchwood_southend

Thanks for the mod, it's awesome. One thing though, in TSW4 the 'Spawn HDX Jeep' option is greyed out, but I do own the Holiday Express DLC (completed the mastery in fact, though I gather that isn't required to spawn it elsewhere). Am I missing a step to be able to use it?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 7 Jan 2024

Addon-Manager probably has unmounted Holiday Express when God Mode does the check for if it should enable the button. If you try to use that feature on Holiday Express itself it should work.
I don't know if I can fix that anytime soon because I don't own HDX and don't know if I can request the loading of a single Actor file with Addon-Manager just like that.

Avatar of Die Kran™
Die Kran™ 7 Jan 2024

I remember having a mod allowing me to use the portals of a route in the scenario editor in TSW3. Was that from here? And if so, will it be useable in the future in TSW4?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 7 Jan 2024

Those were seperate mods that modified the Scenario Design Asset of a route, don't know if those still work with TSW 4

Avatar of Mr. Ditkovitch
Mr. Ditkovitch 11 Jan 2024

when get your my rent update fix damn door i stuck you always late again peter broke my train godmode

Avatar of notleon_
notleon_ 14 Jan 2024

Is it possible to use the digital display popout on an external display or something like that?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 15 Jan 2024

No, UE generally doesn't support that without lots of C++, which we can't really mod, especially not with my understanding of such "low"er level topics. But I am working on an alternative called extHUD, which sends relevant data over TCP to build your own display on any device

Avatar of notleon_
notleon_ 20 Jan 2024

This would be nice! Thanks

Avatar of notleon_
notleon_ 20 Jan 2024

An ui for changing signals and switches? For some freeroams where you don't want to set a route or aren't able tro

Avatar of joakim
joakim 16 Jan 2024

can you set update for Berninalinie: Tirano - Ospizio Bernina Route Add-On pls i have not asking before pls i have been glad you answer me my question

Avatar of joakim
joakim 17 Jan 2024

never mind its fixed now

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 17 Jan 2024

Thanks a lot for added the "Berninalinie: Tirano - Ospizio Bernina ..

Avatar of mclovin8966
mclovin8966 17 Jan 2024

the normal pak file that originally for steam also works on epic games version. I tested it for a couple of days

Avatar of theo_agrar
theo_agrar 18 Jan 2024

Hello when i installed the mod and then opened tsw 3 there are no trains and routes added

Avatar of redbus
redbus 20 Jan 2024

This mod is indisputably great, but if I may make a suggestion that the Zoomier Zoom option be disabled by default. I spent a good while troubleshooting my controller's apparent refusal to zoom in and out as expected until I twigged on! ;)

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 20 Jan 2024

That is very odd as Zoomier Zoom is fully compatible with controller input. I just tested it again on both TSW 4 and TSW 2 and it worked as designed

Avatar of Saurav Mitra
Saurav Mitra 21 Jan 2024

I was playing Cooling Off Steam scenario in West Cornwall route. But for some reason, when I am about to reach Truro platform, it shows scenario failure. I did not cross any red light or anything but still the same issue. I dont feel like restarting the scenario again, cuz its long. Is there any option in this god mod, that can directly transfer the train to the location in the scenario so that it doesnt trigger the error again?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 22 Jan 2024

You can cheat by completing objectives early (Console Commands -> ts2.* -> ts2.dbg.* -> Objectives), but it is not possible to teleport an existing train to another place on the track

Avatar of jm81
jm81 22 Jan 2024

I've been using god mode in the steam version of TSW3, on PC, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the 'route me to' function. I've seen on you tube that when other players do it they have a drop down menu with options of destinations, but for me there's a box for me to type into that says 'enter a marker name here.' Can anyone tell me please how I can enable the drop down menu as I don't know any marker names, and don't know where to start with universal unreal engine unlocker. It's completely confusing to me. Thanks for any help, greatly appreciated

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 22 Jan 2024

I did recently make some behind the scenes changes to that feature, so it's possible that I broke something, but first go into the Settings with the button in the top right and make sure that "Use text box for marker input" is unchecked.

Avatar of jm81
jm81 22 Jan 2024

Hi Foobian, the 'use text box for marker input' was indeed checked. I've unchecked it and it's fine now. Thanks for your help, and fantastic mod by the way

Avatar of jm81
jm81 22 Jan 2024

Sorry to bother you again so soon, i'm having an issue where once i've routed a train to somewhere, if i save the game and then exit, the next time i click on 'resume last played', it causes the game to crash. It happens every time i do this but if i haven't yet routed the train to somewhere then i don't have that problem. And if i keep playing without saving it then it continues to work. Any advice would be helpful, thanks

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 23 Jan 2024

This is a known issue and not fixable to my knowledge unfortunately

Avatar of jm81
jm81 23 Jan 2024

Ok, thanks for letting me know

Avatar of Official_NoobyPlays

i cant remember, i but i do remember using a mod that lets you run red signals. is that apart of this?

Avatar of Rich 84
Rich 84 21 days ago

The latest udpdate seems to have broken god mode, so far I've tried it on WSR & west coast way.

Avatar of SLBM
SLBM 21 days ago

Thank you for this extremely fast reaction to the update!

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 21 days ago

Thanks a lot for your fast update !

Avatar of david_drives
david_drives 21 days ago

An essential Mod - Thanks for getting it working again so quickly after the TSW Update.

Avatar of Dodov
Dodov 20 days ago

It is really awesome, thanks for making this mode, but is there a way for me to change the in game name of the mode ? It is important for me as religious :/

Avatar of pezbone
pezbone 18 days ago

If you go into the \WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC\ folder where you install the mod, you can rename it to whatever you like and it should still work

Avatar of Dodov
Dodov 18 days ago

Unfortunately didn't work, but thank you nonetheless.

Avatar of pezbone
pezbone 18 days ago

Hi Foobian. Thanks for being so quick on the ball with the February core update. In your latest version to provide support for the update, I am finding that I get frequent game freezes - about 1-4 times per minute. The game at worst will freeze for a solid 10-15 seconds. This doesn't happen when I deactivate the god mode mod. No other mods are active when this happens. Are you aware of this?

Avatar of goodgiyminecraft
goodgiyminecraft 18 days ago

same here

Avatar of scip
scip 11 days ago

me too
fps goes down and lags around stations

Avatar of Official_NoobyPlays

Is there anyway to disable SPADing in TSW3?

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 2 days ago

SkylightIntensity slider always snaps back to "1.0"

Legacy Emissive sliders: GREAT!!!

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 2 days ago

Oops, yes I broke something there. Will try to get that fixed, thanks for reporting!

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 2 days ago

Thanks a lot Foobian for your fast update after Rosenheim Salzburg.

Avatar of JustWentSouth
JustWentSouth 15 hours ago

I join in singing the praises of Legacy emission sliders! Thank you!

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