Northeast Piggyback Trailer Reskin Pack

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This pack replaces some of the piggyback trailers in Run8 V2 with modern day northeastern trailers primarily seen on CSX intermodal trains.
These reskins have been upscaled to 8K and are made primarily out of my own research photographs.

What you're getting is the following
DRT Transportation 53f Trailer (Replaces Estes)
GoTo Logistics 53ft Dry Van Trailer (Replaces Interstate)
White Arrow Reefer Trailer (Replaces Alliance Shipping)
GoTo Logistics Reefer Trailer (Replaces Marten)

For the most realistic ops, any intermodals to and from the Berkshire sub like Q020, Q019, Q017 and Q115 see these frequently.
(This is for the CSX Selkirk and Mohawk route add-ons)

Hope you guys like em!


Piggyback Pack 1 and Wellcar Pack 1 from
Direct LInk:

Installation Instructions

Backup the following files in
C:\Run8Studios\Run8 Train Simulator V2\Content\V2RailVehicles\Body


Unzip all four files in the ZIP to
C:\Run8Studios\Run8 Train Simulator V2\Content\V2RailVehicles\Body

When prompted to Overwrite all four files, click yes.

The following railcars in your sim will now be reskinned to the aformentioned livereies
Run8_WellCar53AP_FEC01 (GoTo Logistics 53ft Dry Van Trailer)
Run8_WellCar53AP_FEC03 (DRT Transportation 53f Trailer)
R8_Pig_RTTX01 (White Arrow Reefer Trailer)
R8_Pig_RTTX07 (GoTo Logistics Reefer Trailer)

Additional Comments

Textures Upscaled with Topaz Gigapixel AI
Original Textures by Run8 Studios

Created by Lunamoon (Yuri/Delta-6) of Valhalla Tower Productions

Tags: csx logistics mohawk northeast piggyback run8 selkirk trailers

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