TS Mullan Pass Timetable Mode [BETA]

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This is a timetable mode for the TrainSimulations Mullan Pass route. Open Rails' timetable mode allows you to simulate an entire day of traffic over a route, allowing the player to hop in on any train and run it with realistic traffic.

Because Open Rails' timetable mode involves AI dispatcher and train crews, there might be some train "traffic jams" along the route that are unpredictable, hence why it is still in Beta. You may encounter bugs, and I encourage you to report them as you see them so they can be fixed as soon as possible.

This timetable does not include support for the Mullan Expansion Pack by TrainSimulations


Open Rails

TrainSimulations' Mullan Pass Route

Installation Instructions

To install, run the included installer (ORTS Mullan Timetable Installer.exe)
To uninstall, run the "Uninstall Timetable.exe" file that can be found where you had installed the timetable

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