MLT Sandpatch Grade Timetable Mode & ORTS Physics Conversion

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This is a timetable mode for the Maple Leaf Tracks Sandpatch Grade route. Open Rails' timetable mode allows you to simulate an entire day of traffic over a route, allowing the player to hop in on any train and run it with realistic traffic.

Also included is a physics conversion for the default rolling stock and locomotives. This replaces the outdated MSTS physics with updated and significantly more accurate ORTS physics.

v1 Update

  • Improved cabview camera positions, as well as adding some detail to the cab


Open Rails

MLT's Sandpatch Route

Installation Instructions

Run the included installer (SPGTimetableConversion.exe)
To uninstall, run the "Uninstal.exe" file that can be found where you had installed the timetable

Additional Comments

ORTS physics .inc files, as well as template .wag and .eng files made by Gerry Storey

Tags: chessie conversion orts physics real-timetable sandpatch


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