Simon L. Davidson And Friends(And Csx Trains Too!) Simulations TSC Content Info:
Typical Number Of Content Uploaded To This Website:
1-2 Uploads
Number Of Uploads(So Far):23
Content I Make:

  • Repaints
  • SS Horns
    Always Responds To Messages Daily(Execpt Night And School Session Hours From 7am-2pm)
    I Take Requests For SS Horns And Repaints(For The Repaints I Will Accept As Long As It's Not Hard)

Hours I Will Be Avalible:
Monday-Friday(Unless I Got Im On Vacation Or Not In School For Some Reason(Not Ditching It)) Setember-June:November To April,3:00pm-8:00pm Est
April To October:Tuesdays And Thursdays:3:00pm-8:30 Or 9:00pm Est
Saturday-Sunday:10 Or 11am-8pm Est(I May Not Respond For A Hour Or 2 Since I Might Be Railfanning)
Weekly(June-August):10 Or 11am-8 Or 9pm Est

Latest Updates:
Canada Day Repaints:Papa Smurf And Willow Repaints Out Now!

First TSW2 Content: Csx 5284 Repaint Is Out Now

Csx 5398 Repaint And SS Csx 5322 K5hl Out Now!

Csx 5284 Repaint Got Updated!

Csx Et44ah Repaint 1.0 Out Now!

Csx 82 Repaint Coming Out Soon!

Csx 7868 Repaint Coming Soon!

TSW2 Csx 5284 Repaint Will Be Updating Soon!

Message From Me:I've Been Making And Improving Train Sim World 2 Repaints But More Content Will Come Soon