About Us

The Train Sim Community Corner Site and Discord Servers were made by community members for community members of train simulation. While initially it was largely based around Dovetail Games' Train Sim World series, it has expanded ever since into various other games and subjects for our members to enjoy.

It exists as a place for people from all corners of the world to share their passion for and knowledge about the hobby of railways - in all of its incarnations - ranging from simulation and games to trainspotting and model railways. It is a place for us to relax and enjoy trains, simple as that.

Our Servers

To join click the underlined text or the icon for the server you would like to join.

This is the main server for general train simulation, trainspotting, and more!

This server is for the development of Train Sim and Train Sim World mods.

This server is for this website and where you can discuss any issues you have with this site or the TSC Mods site.