Canadian National SD75I Repaint

See "Installation" for instructions on how to install this pack.

The CN SD75I Repaint Pack also comes with a VBScript (RWSD75iFix) that copies the
GEO files from the default folders to the respective repaint folders and fixes some of the
absolute paths to the textures (extras, underframe01, underframe02, main_bogie, etc.) in
the engine GEO file(s). The GEO files DO NOT come with the pack itself, as having it
come with them involves piracy, which we tend to avoid.

Before you begin installation, it is recommended that you backup your Railworks folder in
case something goes wrong. Follow the instructions carefully, to ensure a smooth

Included Repaints

Canadian National SD75I (Driver and No Driver Variations)

Canadian National SD75I URL (Driver and No Driver Variations)


This repaint pack requires the BNSF SD75 Add-on, available on Steam Here

Installation Instructions

To install the repaint pack, launch the TS Utilities program from the Railworks directory
(located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps
common\RailWorks). If the system asks for permission by User Account Control, allow it.

Under the Package Manager tab, click "Install". Locate the file CN_SD75I.rwp in the
"Installation Files" folder, and then click "Open". The repaints (without the GEO files), along
with the scenarios, and horn mod will be installed automatically.

The next part of the installation is to copy the default engine and cab view GEO files from
the default SD75 folders and paste them into the respective repaint folders, and then
modify them. Because of the way that the SD75I engine GEO file is coded (the
underframe, extras, and bogey/truck TgPcDx files are pathed to the SD75M engine
textures folder), it makes repainting it almost impossible. However, thanks to RWA
member Chacal, he was kind enough to create a VBScript that'll do the "copy and paste"
process for you and fix the absolute paths to the texture files in the engine GEO file(s),
needed to make this repaint look as close to the real thing as possible.

Locate the RWSD75iFix.vbs script in the "Installation Files" folder (a Read Me is included
with it), and then run it. Upon running, the script will first ask for your Railworks directory
(By default, it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps
common\RailWorks). Once you confirm the correct directory, the script will automatically
copy the GEO files from the default folders to their respective mod folders (CN and
CN_URL), and then make modifications to the engine GEO files in the respective mod
folders. If successful, you should get a "Success" message. If not, you will get a "Failed"
message, and an option to look at the log to find out what went wrong.

Additional Comments


After you ran the script, you want to make sure that the SD75I engie
GEO file was modified successfully. In the Railworks directory, under Assets/RSC/
SD75Pack01/RailVehicles/Diesel/SD75I/CN/Engine, if there is only one GEO file in
there, then you know automatically that the script worked and that the CN_URL Engine
folder also has the modified GEO file in it. If you see a .bin file alongside the GEO file in
the CN engine directory, then the process may have not worked correctly and you'll need
to fix it yourself:

Rename the GeoPcDx.bin file in the CN engine directory to a GeoPcDx, then manually
copy the renamed file and paste it into the CN_URL Engine folder. If it asks to replace it,
allow it.

To make sure installation was successful, launch Railworks (with the Steam launcher), go
to Build, and under the Scenario tab, select the route you desire, and then click "New

In the browser panel, click on the "Object Set Filter" button. On the right of the screen,
click the roll out menu, and from there, click "RSC". Click the SD75Pack01 checkbox.
Under the Engines & Tenders category in the Browser panel on the left, the CN SD75I's
should be named [RRS] Canadian National SD75I. Click on any variation of it and place it
on the track. If the locomotive shows up in-game and it shows the correct textures, then
you've successfully done it. Enjoy the repaint!

Tags: canadian-national diesel emd locomotive north-american train-simulator


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Matt J. 4 Nov 2020

Awesome stuff! Can't wait to give these a good workout 😄

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