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CSX Tier-IV GEVO ET44AH based on Eyein12's model.


Eyein12's Tier-IV GEVO

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Avatar of Claude350
Claude350 15 Jun 2021

I love what you've done with the reskin. However CSX doesn't use the ET44C4. The ET44AC would have been the correct model to use.

Avatar of wlenz781
wlenz781 15 Jun 2021

I will attempt to correct that and release an update as soon as possible.

Avatar of Claude350
Claude350 16 Jun 2021


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CSXfan27 19 Jun 2021


Avatar of CSXfan27
CSXfan27 19 Jun 2021

Finally someone put a CSX repaint out. I like good job

Avatar of CSXfan27
CSXfan27 20 Jun 2021

I just got home and I cant download it

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 20 Jun 2021

Geez this is better than mine

Avatar of sabreman61
sabreman61 3 Aug 2021

Great Job on it the only thing is CSX uses more of a royal blue and the logo on the side is a little smaller and the lettering is more tall than wide. I am a big CSX rail fan and watch a ton of there trains. If you could try to change the color and lettering that would b awesome. I just bought the EYEIN12 Tier 4 GEVO's and this repaint I have had before I bought it. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!!

Avatar of Ranexz_Official
Ranexz_Official 17 Jan 2023

Is this possible to change the horn and the bell of the Tier-IV GEVO ?

Avatar of BritishRail60062
BritishRail60062 7 Mar 2023

Thanks for this. I am going to use this pack on the Miami West Palm Beach route.

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