Metrolink MP36PH-3C Bundle v1.3

v1.3 patches:

  • Fixed the numbers not working correctly

5 Separate Road Numbers
4K Textures
Accurate Colors
SS Headlight Flares


Train Simulator: Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – San Jose Route Add-On:

(Optional): MLWAudio GEVO-12 Enhancement Pack (For the Headlight Flares):

Installation Instructions

In the included .txt file

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Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 24 May 2022

Do you know how to change the rate at which the ditchlights flash. The MP36 headlights just skip back and fourth without fading out first. TRS and Searchlight simulations packs add this on but I have no idea how to do it.

Avatar of Master of Mayhem
Master of Mayhem 30 Aug 2022

That’s a thing you have to look up or do on your own I can’t help you nor can af2115.

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 20 Jun 2022

I seem to not be getting any flares from the searchlight pack on the MP36. Please send advise if you can!

Avatar of Master of Mayhem
Master of Mayhem 30 Aug 2022

I am having the issue too, I would try to reinstall otherwise just run stuff without the flares.

Avatar of DiamondVCreeper
DiamondVCreeper 17 Jul 2022

can you do the metrolink ribbon f59phi please?

Avatar of Master of Mayhem
Master of Mayhem 30 Aug 2022

No he is not taking requests from any and I don’t know why but don’t bug him please.

Avatar of Aces's TS mods
Aces's TS mods 4 Sep 2022

it shows invisible can i get help i did it all :(

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