Illinois Central (CN)

Updated, Redone all the textures.


BNSF Locomotive Pack

Installation Instructions

Install to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks/Assets/RSC/GP38-2BnPack01/RailVehicles/Diesel/GP38-2/

Copy The BN Geo in Engines Folder to paste it into the CN one.


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NSATL2022 8 May 2022

i have a question to clear up my understanding of the searchlight enhancement packs do they work with non ss trailing units and the keys to use for lights step lights any others that you know of

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Yes, they work with non-ss trailing units!

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NSATL2022 12 May 2022

bro got one more thing to ask about do think you can kick out some NS sd40-2 highnose weathered with the yellow rail fixed that model was cool but somehow they left the yellow off the rails if i knew how to repaint i would do them im just good at route building i will be releasing the V1 Atlanta to Macon later this year im half way done with atlanta scenery and then start on the griffin district then complete main bypass route in that order yall going love this one my friend it will be semi modern with operations that date back to the early 2000s

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Sorry, Don't Take Requests.

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19 Apr 2022
18 Jan 2023
Train Simulator Classic
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