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This pack is part of the TSC Archives Collection, a collection of mods from the developers of yesteryear.

This download contains an Amtrak Empire Service repaint for the Hudson Line: New York – Croton-Harmon Route Add-On. You must own this route in order to use this repaint.

Lots and lots of thanks goes out to Martin D. Ashwill II for the tremendous help and effort he put into this project. In addition to providing the decals and setting up a script which enables autonumbering w/ them, Martin also gave this engine a "mini-overhaul". Changes include...

  • Fixed bogie sounds.
  • Removed dynamic brake sounds.
  • Removed exhaust.
  • Brand new lights added around the entire unit.

Also included with this repaint is a new K5LA and steel bell, provided by Anthony Wood. The horn is quillable by pressing the "N" key. Quick drive consists are provided by Matthew Gorres.

Once installed, these repaints will appear in your scenario editor as...

[CT] Amtrak P32AC-DM ES
[CT] Amtrak P32AC-DM ES (ND)


Hudson Line: New York – Croton-Harmon

Installation Instructions


1.) Drop the "Assets" folder into...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\

2.) Copy the "CabView" folder from...


...and paste it into...


3.) Copy "GX_P32.GeoPcDx" from...


...and paste it into...


And that's all! Remember to tick the "MartinAshwill" assets box in the scenario editor in order to have the headlights show up. The decals will work in Quick Drive scenarios.

Additional Comments

As requested by the mods creator you are free the modify and release your own versions of this mod without permission. All we ask is you link back to the original mod

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Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

I have installed the Unit Correctly but for soem reason the Unit does not want to work

Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

I got it working

Avatar of TwoPunTy
TwoPunTy 27 Jul 2022

how did you get it working, mines still doesnt work

Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

Delete your's then reinstall it and follow the Install instructions

Avatar of TwoPunTy
TwoPunTy 29 Aug 2022

wdym, my Hudson line file or something else, like how did you do it bc mines doesnt move or anything (I can see the model btw) just flashes the ditchlights

Avatar of TwoPunTy
TwoPunTy 31 Aug 2022

nvm i got it working

Avatar of Owen Miller
Owen Miller 6 Oct 2022

how did you get it working? I followed all the steps correctly and it doesn't work. It loads, I have the same issue as you did, no control over the engine

Avatar of TGP246
TGP246 30 Aug 2022

I do not have CabView file in the directory nor the .GeoPcDx file

Avatar of jay59
jay59 5 Dec 2022

Engine or horn does not respond?? Train won't move? Any ideas?

Avatar of ChicagoRailfan21
ChicagoRailfan21 6 Dec 2022

Same thing here, followed install instructions, and loco is in the sim but it wont move, and the numbers (700-717) are all displayed on the loco at the same time. Bell and horn also not working.

Avatar of jay59
jay59 9 Dec 2022

Somebody?? how do you get this to work?????

Avatar of jay59
jay59 21 Dec 2022

Tried everything. Not working.

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 21 Jan 2023

I dont know if you guys did this step but it says to copy the cabview FOLDER into the empire P32.

Avatar of MrMeepzMax
MrMeepzMax 25 Feb 2023


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