ATSF BNSF C40-8W Enhancement and Repaint Pack

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FACTS: In 1992 the Santa Fe had purchased 67 GE C40-8W's for revenue freight service on many of there lines numbered 800 - 866. In 1993 the Santa Fe purchased 60 more GE C40-8W's to add to their fleet numbered 867 - 926. That same year the Santa Fe purchased 25 similar GE units to the C40-8W, those were the C41-8W's numbered 927 - 951 which were equipped with 4,100 horsepower instead of the normal 4,000 horsepower GE units. WIth ther merger of the BN/ATSF to the BNSF, the 152 units were either not repainted and remained in the Warbonnet scheme, repainted into the Heritage II scheme, or into the modern Heritage III scheme. 800 - 866 were sold to Canadian National which were repainted or scrapped. The remaining 85 units remain on BNSF's roster today and most are in storage.

This enhancemnt makes the Raton Pass C40-8W's Searchlight Simulations compatible with the GE 7FDL-16 Enhancement Pack, sounds, lights, and physics included.


Thanks for downloading the Santa Fe and BNSF C40-8W Enhancement!

This pack requires the Milepost Simulations Raton Pass: Trinidad - Raton Route Add-On, the Searchlight Simulations GE 7FDL-16 Enhancement Pack, and a custom RS3L horn from the Train Sim Community.

Raton Pass:
GE 7FDL-16:
Custom RS3L:

Horns included:

Custom Leslie RS3L for both the BNSF Fakebonnet and the original ATSF C40-8W Variants.
The Original Searchlight Simulations Nathan K3LA for the BNSF H2 Variant.
Custom Nathan K3LA for the BNSF H3 Variant.

This enhancement features:

Prototypical horns for each C40-8W.
Searchlight Simulations Compatible.
Realistic headlights.
Fixed textures and decals.
Preloaded consists.

This is NOT to be distributed or used for profit.


Copy the Assets folder and paste it in your railworks directiory (commonly found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks)

If it asks to overwrite, say yes.

Shoot me an email if you run into any issues at [email protected] if there are any problems!

Revised 1/28/2023

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Avatar of Daniel Gibbs
Daniel Gibbs 3 Feb 2023

Did you happen to make the original Santa Fe Dash 8 Searchlight Compatible? I tried myself to do it, but I couldn't fix the flashing ditch lights.

Avatar of ISS
ISS 3 Feb 2023

yes i did make the original ATSF compatible, the ditchlights flashing i couldn’t figure out might make an update to it in the future!

Avatar of LEHL_Railfan
LEHL_Railfan 6 Feb 2023

I am not sure why this is happening to me but the engines crash my game.

Avatar of ISS
ISS 6 Feb 2023

hmm, try enabling MLWAudio and see if that works

Avatar of LEHL_Railfan
LEHL_Railfan 26 Feb 2023

it was enabled

Avatar of ISS
ISS 26 Feb 2023

everytime you spawn the locomotives in it crashes?

Avatar of LEHL_Railfan
LEHL_Railfan 26 Mar 2023


Avatar of Capt. Hedgehog
Capt. Hedgehog 12 Mar 2023

Is there any way to make these work with the default Raton sounds if so how do i do it?

Avatar of vanderlei paulo
vanderlei paulo 7 Apr 2023

nada vai funcionar bem meus amigos pois estes mods e addons ai e so uma isca para voces comprarem dlc todos os addons que esta aqui nao funciona por si so a nao ser que voce compre dlc para rodar uma unica locomotiva ou pior uma mizera pintura por isto voces estao tendo plobremas todos nos temos estes plobremas o plobrema e a maldita dependencia de um mod para rodar outro

Avatar of vanderlei paulo
vanderlei paulo 7 Apr 2023

nothing will work well my friends because these mods and addons there are just a bait for you to buy dlc all the addons that are here do not work by themselves unless you buy dlc to run a single locomotive or worse a miserable painting for it you guys are having problems we all have these problems the problem is the damn dependency on one mod to run another

Avatar of ISS
ISS 20 Apr 2023

you have to have the required dlc to run it, it’s not bait lmao. if you don’t have the dlc then you can’t run them

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