US Vectron 4th of July edition

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Want to relive Independence Day euphoria? Want to highlight your patriotism on everyday basis? Or maybe you have an American friend you want to cheer up? Or maybe you've found US Vectron to be not US enough?

Regardless of what was your answer and motive... you can now enjoy this fully American Vectron!

Please note this is my first independent reskin with assymetry I ever did so please don't mind little mistakes.


Train Simulator: US Loco & Asset Pack on Steam

The US Community Asset Pack is aimed at users creating and using independently developed content.

Installation Instructions

Please read ReadMe file attached to reskin.

Tags: america american fictional vectron


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IC 9612 24 Jul 2023

Excellent Work!

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24 Jul 2023
24 Jul 2023
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