Union Pacific GE ES44AC-H/C45AH + ShermanHill ES44AC Texture Update

4K Textures
Authentic Union Pacific "Armour Yellow" Paint Scheme
Realisitc ES44AC Physics


GE GEVO-12 | Searchlight Store
GE GEVO-12 | Searchlight Store
Searchlight Store

Installation Instructions

in the included .txr file


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Avatar of SMRN
SMRN 23 Aug 2023

Can you do a request of doing a texture upgrade of SH SD70M? please.

Avatar of EverettRailfan
EverettRailfan 16 hours ago

Clear Signal Mods already overhauled the 70M for both the flat and flared radiator versions.

Avatar of AmericanSteam
AmericanSteam 2 days ago

Just installed these and the headlights and ditch lights look gray not yellow. Your thoughts?

Avatar of vprouty4822
vprouty4822 2 days ago

enable the GEVO soundpack under MLWAudio in the scenario editor.

Avatar of AmericanSteam
AmericanSteam 2 days ago

Thank you. Solved the issue. Love your stuff. Thank you.

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