Metrolink Bombardier Bilevel Coaches + Cab Car


4K Textures
Custom Decal
Works well with the Metrolink MP36PH-3C Reskin


Train Simulator: Los Angeles Commuter Rail F59PH Loco Add-On:

Installation Instructions

In the included readme file

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4K Metrolink Bombardier Cars.7z 17 MB · Downloaded 609×


Avatar of calebdphillips1989

So, I've been having trouble getting the reskins to work. It stays as the default L.A. Commuter rail skin, with the exception of the doors & Metrolink decal. The rest of the car hasn't changed over to the mod.

Avatar of calebdphillips1989

I'm a little confused if I missed something.

Avatar of AmtrakFan2115
AmtrakFan2115 3 Mar 2022

Try changing the scenery quality to the maximum level.

Avatar of calebdphillips1989

Great, that fixed it. Thanks.

Avatar of 🎥📽CammyTheCamera📽🎥

make a SCAX F59PH complete repaint. front blue plate with metrolink text and the logo in front of the engine

Avatar of 5StarModder
5StarModder 19 Apr 2022

I dont see the decals, what do I do?

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 22 May 2022

To enable the decals, make sure that the Decals box is checked in the AF2115 provider folder in the Scenario/Route Editor.

Avatar of toxic charger
toxic charger 11 Jun 2022

mine not showing up either and i dk know how to acess AF2115 provider folder in the Scenario/Route Editor to see if thats working or not

Avatar of Master of Mayhem
Master of Mayhem 29 Jul 2022


Avatar of DiamondVCreeper
DiamondVCreeper 15 Jul 2022

so i've downoal this repaint and i follow the instruction to work, but when i load up it repainted didn't work, help please what do i do

Avatar of Master of Mayhem
Master of Mayhem 30 Aug 2022

Ask a friend idk

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