Chessie System Autorack Pack

This is a reskin of the CRQ ABStudios PS Autorack for Cessie System BnO and CnO Auroracks used throught out the Chessie days of railroading


ABStudios PS Autoracks
Searchlight Simulations Freight Pack

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Buzz4567 25 Jul 2022

I discovered there was no sound for these nifty models so I made a bins of modified bins to incorporate wagon sounds. These are aliased to the Kuju wagon sounds which everyone has. I have my Kuju wagon sounds aliased to the awesome Krellnut freight car sound package.

In any event your cars now have sound. Available on the forum over on RWA.

Avatar of Buzz4567
Buzz4567 25 Jul 2022

I just D/L these and they have reference to Audio file but the original that I D/L had no audio nor a reference to one hence why I made the new bins.

Avatar of PollyRailFan
PollyRailFan 6 Aug 2022

I Want ask question...slowly but surely learning how to mod how would i add the sounds to these Autoracks

Avatar of [LCPL] Snakeman1105

On repaints, some say you need to enable the Searchlight FRT File in a scenario editor to enable sounds? I could be wrong but mine have sound

Avatar of PollyRailFan
PollyRailFan 21 Aug 2022

Such late response For some odd reason For me I had enable FRT File No Sounds or Anything has made them Which was weird when I Found it wasn't working

Avatar of Daanderson
Daanderson 12 Oct 2022

No sound on these, tried to link them to the Krellnut sounds, didn't work. Help?

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18 Jun 2022
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