Clear Tracks GATX Boxcar Pack [TSC Archives Collection]

This pack is part of the TSC Archives Collection, a collection of mods from the developers of yesteryear.

Thank you for downloading this pack! It contains five GATX-painted boxcars for MaineLine's freeware FMC 50ft PlateB Railbox, available on Railworks America.

Once you get these freight cars installed, they will show up in game as...

FMC 50ft GATX-BKTY Boxcar (151241)
FMC 50ft GATX-BKTY Boxcar (150246)
FMC 50ft GATX-BKTY Boxcar (151153)
FMC 50ft GATX-WRWK Boxcar (6711)
FMC 50ft GATX-LRS Boxcar (3583)

Installation Instructions

Because the FMC 50ft PlateB boxcar is freeware, there is no need to copy any .Geo files over. Instead, just drop the "Assets" folder into your TS2017 directory and you'll be set!

Additional Comments

As requested by the mods creator you are free the modify and release your own versions of this mod without permission. All we ask is you link back to the original mod

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Avatar of pooch
pooch 20 Jul 2022

Is there anymore Mainlines for release?

Avatar of iliiketrains
iliiketrains 2 Apr 2023

Says "Coupling issue", is there a way to fix this?

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16 Jul 2022
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