Norfolk Southern Autoflood III Hoppers


  • 2 NS Autoflood III variants
  • Correct autonumbers based on the prototype


Autoflood III | TruRail Simulations

Original link. Works as of 6/10/24.

Autoflood® III Hoppers

(In the case of the original link no longer working)

Installation Instructions

  1. Drag and drop the assets folder into your install

  2. Navigate to: Assets\TruRailSimulations\AutofloodIIIPack01.

**3. Open the .ap file named "Autoflood_BNBX.ap". **

  1. When in this file, copy "Autoflood.GeoPcDx" and navigate to Assets\TruRailSimulations\AutofloodIIIPack01\RailVehicles\Freight\Autoflood

  2. Here there should be two folders: "NS" and "NS_02". Paste "Autoflood.GeoPcDx" inside these folders.

Now this reskin should show up in the game. Enjoy!

(Instructions are also provided in the .zip file).

Additional Comments

NOTE: The instructions were incorrect in the previous version. If you are having number issues, use the .GeoPcDx file from "Autoflood_BNBX.ap", and NOT from "Autoflood_AEPX.ap".

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Avatar of pooch
pooch 8 days ago

I installed these correctly, there is no road numbers showing up as no air lines either, any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks Poochwilly

Avatar of DieselMatt75
DieselMatt75 7 days ago

Not sure what is wrong with the numbers, but the couplers that TruRail used do not have air hoses. I'll look into those numbers and get back to you soon.

Avatar of DieselMatt75
DieselMatt75 7 days ago

I checked the release file; the numbers are referenced correctly and are in there. Are you sure it's installed correctly?

Avatar of pooch
pooch 7 days ago

Yes it's installed correctly, all the other auto floods show up and work fine it's your 2 ns redskins, they show up fine just blank white spots with NO numbers.

Avatar of Alex Fried
Alex Fried 7 days ago

i have the same issue with the numbers not showing up. they show up when you build a train in the QD builder but not in the game one it loads

Avatar of DieselMatt75
DieselMatt75 6 days ago

Hmm. That’s interesting. I’ll look into it deeper. Might be something with the number files themselves. Thanks for reporting

Avatar of DieselMatt75
DieselMatt75 6 days ago

I have located the issue. I wrote the wrong geo file in the instructions. You want the geo file in "Autoflood_BNBX.ap" instead of AEPX. Thanks for pointing out the issue! (by the way, the geo file in BNBX has the same name as the one in AEPX, but are very different in the way they handle numbers).

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