Adriana County Covered Hopper Pack 1

This is a repaint of Rick Grout's Freeware Trinity 5161 CU FT Covered Hopper into the Adriana County Railroad Paint Scheme.


G-TraX Covered Hoppers

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy included assets folder into your Railworks Directory
  2. Copy covhopper_trin01.GeoPcDx from Assets\G-TraX\Trains\RailVehicles\Freight\Covered_Hopper\Generic\Wagon
  3. Paste covhopper_trin01.GeoPcDx in Assets\G-TraX\Trains\RailVehicles\Freight\Covered_Hopper\ACDX\Wagon

Additional Comments

Mod created by StevenJam - Subscribe at

Tags: adriana-county hopper train-simulator


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