BNSF HiLine Trinity 5161 CU FT Hopper Enhancement

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This pack is a texture enhancement for the Trinity 5161 CU FT hoppers included with the BNSF HiLine route


  • New base textures
  • New 4k decals
  • Better sounds

Reporting mark changes:
BNSF - No change
GTRX - WFRX (Wells Fargo Rail)

Couplers pictured in the screenshots are not included


Installation Instructions

Extract the "Assests" folder to your Railworks root folder, if done correctly it will ask to overwrite 34 files, click yes.

If it does not ask to overwrite then you have most likely extracted to the wrong folder.

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HiLine 5161 4 MB · Downloaded 317×


Avatar of DieselMatt75
DieselMatt75 12 Mar 2021

I know they are not included, but how do you change the couplers?

Avatar of BJG
BJG 12 Mar 2021

You can change the couplers by changing the reference to the couplers in the car’s/locomotive’s main bin file. Some couplers are different than others so you may have to change the positions for them

Avatar of DieselMatt75
DieselMatt75 12 Mar 2021


Avatar of IsaiahGT
IsaiahGT 2 Dec 2021

Which couplers are these exactly, I think I have them and would like to swap mines also. I know how to do the bin part.

Avatar of BJG
BJG 9 Dec 2021

Not sure exactly which ones but they are RRMods Type E Bottom Shelf’s , I think they were from the 4750s

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