Ex TFW-GWR Class 158

Fictional Skin
In a world where TFW 158s transfer to GWR and receive GWR livery
Batch file included to copy over files

The .zip only contains Bins, Preload and bodyside textures
Everything else is copied over by the .bat


AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement pack
AP Class 158 Perkins Enhancement pack
RSC Class 159
Major Wales Design, TFW Class 158 Reskin

Installation Instructions

Drag and drop into your railworks folder
Run .bat file located in Assets called: 158_ExTFW_GWR

Additional Comments

Updated 27/03/2022
-Fixed TFW style front textures not being copied over

Tags: 158 class-158 great-western-railway gwr tfw transport-for-wales


Ex-TFW GWR 158.zip 10 MB · Downloaded 35×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 61 times before being withdrawn.


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