HST 'Remastered' Livery Pack with Sound Patch

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This is an expansion of my sound patch I released which changes the sounds on DTG’s LNER HST Remastered loco pack to use those from the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 MTU/Mk3 Enhancement pack. Also included is a new icon for the in-game menu for the LNER livery.

Included are East Coast 'EC64' livery. The full livery was only worn by one set, ex-East Midlands set EC64 from Summer 2014, however, many power cars wore the livery between 2012 and 2016.

There's also the ex-NXEC livery with East Coast branding...

... and CrossCountry.



Installation Instructions

Full installation instructions can be found in the included readme.

Additional Comments

I previously recieved reports of missing cab textures, however, this was solved by re-installing the DLC.

If you verify your game files, the sound patch will be uninstalled. The reskins should be fine, though.

The AP MTU sound pack is only needed for the sounds. *.rwp files can be opened using 7-zip. If you wish NOT to install the sounds, open the .rwp with 7-zip, then navigate to Assets>DTG>LNERHSTPack01, then delete the "Audio" file. Then install the pack as normal.

Want just the sounds? Head over here: https://mods.trainsimcommunity.com/mods/c1-train-simulator/c14-sounds/i24-hst-remastered-sound-patch

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Paraso 10 Nov 2020

Hi! Great mod but just a couple of comments

For the one with liveries, I did the install completely correctly multiple times but the game didnt seem to actually show the liveries available in the selection thing?

And 2, is it possible you could do a modern GWR Reskin?

Avatar of CG
CG 16 Nov 2020

Hi, which livery are you having trouble with?

Avatar of Paraso
Paraso 17 Nov 2020

Hi, I'm having trouble with all of the liveries. When I install the mod, the icon change and sound changes work but I do not see any new liveries in the menu

Avatar of CG
CG 17 Nov 2020

Did you copy over the .geopcdx files as detailed in the readme?
There are, regrettably, no Quick Drive consists, you'll have to make your own (for example in the consist editor), or build the consist in the world editor, if you're looking for it in the Quick Drive menu.

Avatar of Paraso
Paraso 17 Nov 2020

Oooh! The no consists thing should be the issue then because I did copy all of the .geopcdx files. Thank you! And I'm just going to bring it up again to see your thoughts, have you ever considered doing a GWR reskin for this?

Avatar of CG
CG 18 Nov 2020

I did, but decided against it for a few reasons

  1. This pack (was) meant to be a sound patch with some bonus liveries, indeed it is still pitched as that on all the other website it's on.
  2. DTG have changed the interior of the model from TSW (where it originated) so it's to GNER's "Mallard" specification, therefore is not entirely appropriate for ScotRail and GWR sets.
  3. It'd require me to make a 3D model of the GWR logo, and I simply am not good enough at Blender in order to do that, also the FGW Barbie livery is far too complex for my skills. Both would require a lot of patience, and I don't really have a lot of patience.

As such, I'm going to be sticking to the relatively simple liveries that ran the ECML, though it would be nice if someone with skills came along and did a FGW/GWR skin.

Avatar of Talentedfuzzycat
Talentedfuzzycat 29 Mar 2022

does this work without the AP Pack?

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