Class 159 SWT/SWR Cracker

This reskin depicts the Class 159 'Express Sprinter' in it's 'Cracker' livery which 2 units received during a refurbishment. Included are 2 quick drives, one for a 3 car Class 159 set and one for a 6 car Class 159 set.


Installation Instructions

Optional Requirement
Major Wales Class 158 Plawwie Patch

How to Install the Pack Manually:

Copy 'Assets' folder to your Railworks directory

Then run the 'InstallSWTSWRCracker159' BAT file to complete the installation. If for some reason it does not work or you don't wish to use it, refer to the instructions below.

Manual Install:

  1. Copy 159_DMSL.GeoPcDx from Assets/RSC/Class159Pack01/RailVehicles/Diesel/Class159/SWT3_AP/DMSL

Paste the GEO file in the following folder:


  1. Copy 159_MSL.GeoPcDx from Assets/RSC/Class159Pack01/RailVehicles/Diesel/Class159/SWT4_AP/MSL/MSL

Paste the GEO file in the following folders:


  1. Copy logo.GeoPcDx, logo-msl.GeoPcDx and numbers.GeoPcDx from Assets/AP/C158EP/Decals/SWT3

Paste the GEO file in the following folder:


How to Install the Pack Automatically:
Simply run the installer and off you go!

Additional Comments

Please note, I will NOT be providing any support. This file is a reupload of a previously withdrawn file.

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