Class 319 '319426' Thameslink White

This reskin depicts Class 319426 in it's temporary Thameslink White livery it received due to having a severe graffiti attack. Included are 2 quick drive consists featuring 319426, one preset to DC, the other AC.


Installation Instructions

How to Install the Pack Manually:

Copy 'Assets' folder to your Railworks directory

Then run the 'Install319426' BAT file to complete the installation. If for some reason it does not work or you don't wish to use it, refer to the instructions below.

Manual Install:

Copy Class_319_DTCO.GeoPcDx from Assets\AP\Class319Pack01\RailVehicles\Electric\Class319\FCC\DTCO
Paste the GEO file in the following folders:

Copy Class_319_DTSO.GeoPcDx from Assets\AP\Class319Pack01\RailVehicles\Electric\Class319\FCC\DTSO
Paste the GEO file in the following folders:

Copy Class_319_MSO.GeoPcDx from Assets\AP\Class319Pack01\RailVehicles\Electric\Class319\FCC\MSO
Paste the GEO file in the following folders:

Copy Class_319_TSOL.GeoPcDx from Assets\AP\Class319Pack01\RailVehicles\Electric\Class319\FCC\TSOL
Paste the GEO file in the following folders:

How to Install the Pack Automatically:
Simply run the installer and off you go!

Additional Comments

Please note, I will NOT be providing any support. This file is a reupload of a previously withdrawn file.

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