DCR Freight Class 56's V1.1

These reskins depict the two DCR Freight Class 56’s in their current guises.
56103 with its old logo stickers
56091 with its nameplates

There is not much between the two 56’s apart from the obvious differences stated above.

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 56 EP

Class 56

Update 16th May 2024:
Added 3D Nameplates for 56091 with massive thanks to JRS.

Update 14th May 2024:

Hopefully sorted out the issue where it comes up with the DCR Grey livery rather than these new liveries.
New loco images

Update 13th May 2024;

Added a reskin for 56091 along with the already available 56103!


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DCR Freight Class 56's Reskin.zip 64 MB · Added 3 days ago · Downloaded 28×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 60 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of DanLoveAnna
DanLoveAnna 5 days ago

the Reskins is broken it show Old DCR and green

Avatar of GeorgeBeany
GeorgeBeany 5 days ago

I have pushed out an update which may have fixed it. Also there is a possibility that they only show up on high graphic settings (which sounds weird)

Avatar of DanLoveAnna
DanLoveAnna 4 days ago

it fix you a Best

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