LNER A4 1950 BR Blue/Green Corridor Tenders

This reskin replicates the LNER A4 corridor tenders in 1950s BR Express Passenger Blue and BR Brunswick Green with the early crest on the side.


DTG LNER A4 Pacific

Installation Instructions

Locate the bat folder at the bottom of the asset folder, named "PW A4 1950 Tenders.bat"

Double click it and the GEO files for the tenders will copy over automatically.

If this doesn't work, refer to the README where there are instructions for manual copying, with the locations of the tender GEO.

Additional Comments

These tenders will be used for future BR A4 reskins in the form of additional quick drive consists.

Tags: 1950 a4 br-blue br-green gresley lner tender


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7 Nov 2020
7 Nov 2020
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