[DRT]Z-Train to Salt Lake City

In the summer of 2001, you will take one of UP’s ZDVRO trailer trains from Helper to Salt Lake City.

The player locomotives are no longer available from Searchlight Simulations


Soldier Summit
Soldier Summit Salt Lake City Extension only required for part 3
Sherman Hill
Donner Pass
P42DC Empire builder only required for part 1
UP SD40-2 and UP SD40-2 Snoot or UP SD40-2 Bundle No longer available
Additionally, these scenarios require a large amount of freeware rolling stock which is specified in the scenario manual

Additional Comments

V 1.1 -added Rahway Valley boxcar prereq to manual and edited page to note that the UP SD40 is no longer available.

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Avatar of sykartracer
sykartracer 23 Feb 2023

Hi Doc, can you help me troubleshoot something I've encountered on part 2? For some reason, I get a can't load for "AB PS Autorack SP LD". When I went to AB and downloaded both the autoracks, for some reason, the PS ones downloaded as "autorack", copying the BS ones as the named download file. I also had "AB SPINE CARS 53 TTAX 01C BNSF 01Tr", that seemed to change after I resinstalled the spine cars, but that SP one is stumping me.
I'm also wondering about the JT Common that's used for the Manchestor Stations in P3. Should I get that particular requirement? Or is the requirement in just the route itself, and that I don't really need the JT. Thanks

Avatar of DocTrench
DocTrench 24 Feb 2023

I've got a very stripped down TS1 install at the minute and can't check issues on my end, but my guesses for solutions are:
for the PS autorack SP LD, it's possible I screwed up and had this patch for the autoracks installed as well as the one I required http://railworksamerica.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=22861&hilit=abstudios&sid=19b8abd059bf300d9debcf7f620e4e4f#p260949, I remember someone having a similar issue in another scenario.
The only thing I used from the manchester stations route was the AI trams, which do not require any of the route's prereqs, so you should just be able to download the Manchester Stations to Huddersfield route and install the assets included within. The scenario should also work fine without the ai trams, they're just sitting as statics.
Hope that helps.

Avatar of Claude350
Claude350 8 Jul 2023

I loaded the activity with no issues at all.

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