[N] 2F07 0541 Orpington to London Cannon Street

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In this scenario you will be in charge of 5F03 from Orpington Down SDGS to Orpington, and 2F07 from Orpington to London Cannon Street. Expect a 10 minutes coffee break while waiting for your passengers to board at Orpington.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Southeastern Network: SEML, Mid-Kent & Bromley North. v.1.1 by me on the Steam Workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2905241934

Rolling stock:
Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 465/466 Enhancement Pack Vol. 2

  • all requirements

Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack

  • all requirements

Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack

  • all requirements

Class 700/707/717 Enhancement Pack

  • all requirements

Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack

  • all requirements

DTG Class 378
Class 376 reskin available here http://alienworlds.co.uk/blog/downloads-page/

DTG Class 59 (Not Essential)
For static wagons only

Weather EP
Signal EP

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions:
Unzip the folder, choose which season you want the scenario to be set in, then drop the "Content" folder of your selected season into your railworks folder.

Tags: class-465 networker seml southeastern


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