5P14 0616 Heaton T&R.S.M.D. to Newcastle

Prepare your train at Heaton Depot before bringing it to Newcastle in preparation to form one of the first Liverpool bound trains of the day in the early days of 80x service on the East Coast.


DPS- East Coast Mainline North East (Steam Workshop)
DTG- Class 800
AP- Class 800 Enhancement Pack
DTG- Class 91 Pack
AP- Class 91 Enhacement Pack
Kuju Asset Pack
AP- Class 43 MTU Enhacement Pack
MJW Class 43 LNER/VTEC Livery Pack
MJW Class 91 LNER/VTEC Livery Pack
DTG- Class 180 Pack
MJW Class 180 Enhacement Pack
AP Class 37 Vol1&Vol2
AP MK2 A-C Pack
AP MK2 D-E Pack
AP Class 156 Pack
AP Class 142 Pack
MJW Class 142 Expansion Pack
DTG Class 67 EWS
AP Class 67 Enhancement Pack
DTG Class 66 EWS
AP Class 66 Enhacement Pack
DTG Class 92 Pack
ATS Class 185 Pack

Installation Instructions

Install using the Utilities tool in your TS folder or your preffered method!

Tags: class-802 nova-1 transpennine-express


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