USATC S160 - Horseshoe Curve - Mechanized transport

Horse Shoe Curve. April 1943. The war in North Africa is coming to a close. Allied commanders are already making plans to invade continental Europe. The War Production Board is ramping up production all across the board around the country. Supplies are to be sent to ports ASAP. Railroads are being taxed to capacity.
Drive a USATC S160 pulling a consist loaded with armored and transport vehicles and supplies from Johnstown to Altoona.
It's a busy morning, so stay sharp.


DSGDDR RailSimulator

PRR E6, PRR H10, and PRR I1 locomotives.

Installation Instructions

Download the zip file below. Unzip it to a convenient place or folder in your computer.
Use the Utilities program found inside your Railworks folder to install the rwp file for the scenario to install and be available to play in Train Simulator Classic.
Download and install the required assets mentioned above for the scenario to work.

Additional Comments

I have enriched this scenario with well timed AI, with which you will sometimes interact.
As many of you know, the Horseshoe Curve is an old Route, with poorly layed track near Portage. For that reason all Eastward freight traffic has to be crossed over. This was never fixed by the developers. I created a scene to make sense of the crossover.
I hope you have an enjoyable experience.
As usual, let me know if something doesn't work as expected.

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