[MG17] 1P52 07:33 Peterborough - Kings Cross

Year: 2002
Route: ATS ECML South
Briefing: On yet another weekday morning, prepar a pair of 317's from cold and drive them to the Capital. To add to this, the London end unit is a Stansted unit, so a small change from the norm.


There's a few notes in the readme regarding requirements. Please take a look at it to see what is optional and about a version not containing the 373.

ECML South
EWS & Freightliner Class 08's
EWS Class 67
Intercity Class 91
NSE Class 159
Class 170 and/or Edinburgh - Glasgow

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 67 EP
Class 90 / Mk3 DVT Pack
Class 91 EP
Class 156 Pack
Class 158/159 (Cummins) EP
Class 317 Pack Vol.1
Class 317 Pack Vol.2
Class 365 EP
Mk1 Coach Pack Vol.1
Cloud EP
Sky / Weather EP
Signal EP

Atlantic High Speed
Class 373

Alan Thomson Simulation
Cambridge - Peterborough
Kings Cross - Kings Lynn
Class 91 / Mk4 Enhancements
Class 313 Intalink Promotional Livery
Major Wales Design

Class 08 Gronkpack

Installation Instructions

Copy the Content folder into your default Railworks directory.

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