Tomatoes for London - A freight scenario for Dorset Coast part 2

This is a 2 Part scenario for the recently released Dorset Coast phase 2 Route.

The route can be found on the Golden Age Developements site.

These scenarios are not based on any particular real event but hopefully reflect 'maybe'. I tried to make the scenarios as plausable as I could with loco numbering taken from the Shedbash website and formations gleaned from various sources. Timings for ai traffic are taken from the 1960 SR Public Timetable.

Part 1 **
Driving a Victory Works 87xx pannier tank, shunt wagon at the main Weymouth goods yard before collecting some vans from the Quay branch and forming a fitted freight that will leave Weymouth later in the morning.
Duration 50 minutes.

Part 2
Driving a Caledonia Works SR U Class, take the pre formed fitted freight from Weymouth to Poole.
Duration 60 minutes.

GAD Dorset Coast Phase 2 and its requirements +
AP Weather EP 2 (The scenario will work without this)

AP Mark 1 Coaches
PLD (BMG) - Unrebuilt Light Pacifics
Caledonia Works - SR U Class (Player Loco Part 2)
Caledonia Works - LSWR N15
Caledonia Works - LSWR M7
Digital Traction - GWR 43xx
Victory Works/Steam - Bulleid Q1
Victory Works/Steam - GWR Large Prairies
Victory Works/Steam - GWR Panniers (Player Loco part 1)
Steam - Market Place Coaches - Bulleid Pack 01
Steam - Market Place Coaches - Bulleid Pack 02
Steam - Market Place Wagons - Coal Wagon Pack
Steam - Market Place Wagons - Van Wagon Pack

Installation Instructions

Unzip the file and drag the “content” folder into your railworks directory.

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