HIS Saluda & Southern Retro Pack Patches

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Saluda fixes:

  • Standardizes and makes the brakes on all of the cars more responsive and accurate to real railcar brake performance, based off the values of the JointedRail/Searchlight Sim 100 Ton Hoppers
  • Fixes the SD40 and GP35 not generating amps when braked
  • Fixes the green dynamic brake slope thing (where the dynamic brake grids should be) in the SD40-2 and GP35
  • Improves the look of the brown and shiny tank car
  • Fixes the oversize signal light flares
  • Fixes the very faint yellow grabs on both the SD40 and GP35
  • Corrects the numberboard font on the SD40 and GP35
  • Tweaks cab views in both the SD40 and GP35

Retro Pack fixes

  • Fixes the green dynamic brake slope thing and other texture inaccuracies
  • Tweaks cab view camera in the SD40-2, GP35, F7, and GP18
  • Better Southern logo on the SD40-2, and adds a missing Southern logo on the long hood of the GP35
  • Fixes the broken SD40-2 and GP35 physics

Known Issues:

  • Track.bin error when spawning into a scenario (Hit F2, and "Cancel", and it will clear the warning)

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Avatar of OaraiLimited
OaraiLimited 20 Aug 2023

would it be possible for you to try and get ap weather on this route?

Avatar of The Batman
The Batman 21 Aug 2023

Those files cannot be added to this route...re-distribution of those files is illegal.
They are the sole property of Armstrong Powerhouse.
However, should you OWN the Armstrong Powerhouse Sky and Weather pack...documentation is included in the readme file for the user to display the AP weather on routes other than the British ones it applies to when installing.

Avatar of Alex Fried
Alex Fried 24 Aug 2023

i thought the AP weathering was free were so sharing it should not be an issue

Avatar of The Batman
The Batman 24 Aug 2023

Hey Alex...where do you get your info from...the MOON?...Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather pack is 25 British Pounds...not FREE and never will be...anyone including that in a MOD will be reported and banned....go here...buy it... https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/sky_weather_enhancement_pack_2.0

Avatar of straypacket
straypacket 5 Sept 2023

Alex - you cannot include it the weather pack files themselves.

A route builder can make their route point to the AP Sky & Weather Expansion Pack, but I think this would require all users of that route to have the AP expansion installed.

Avatar of OaraiLimited
OaraiLimited 12 Sept 2023

I Was more saying ap weather compatible as the route isnt.

Avatar of Jörg
Jörg 14 Sept 2023

So, I changed the Ap ToD file Summer.bin to Default.bin and swapped it for the existing one in the ToD folder Saluda, it worked

Since there is only a Default.bin file in the ToD folder, depending on the season, you have to change and insert the correspondingly changed AP file into Default.bin.
A bit complicated, but it works.

Avatar of LuckyFox8885
LuckyFox8885 11 Mar 2024

Wonder why it's formatted this way. Pretty complicated lol

Avatar of LuckyFox8885
LuckyFox8885 11 Mar 2024

But thank you!

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