PhUnKi_Ro0sTa's Reshade Preset v3.0

Here's a Reshade preset that I've created - it slightly increases the contrast and lowers the saturation of the game, while also adjusting the blue and green colours to make the game look more realistic. If you don't like these settings, feel free to modify at your hearts content.

For best results, use the lighting options I've provided in the main game menu along with the AP Sky & Weather Pack/Cloud pack, Track Pack and Track Pack Textures Pack available from Alan Thomson Sim (

Changes in 3.0
Adjusted Ambient Tonemapping effects
Disabled SSDO
Added adaptive Lighting
Subtle Brightness/Contrast/Saturation adjustments

Changes in 2.0

  • Added Screen Space Directional Occlusion
  • Slightly decreased Contrast
  • Slightly increased Brightness

Any comments or feedback appreciated.




Installation Instructions

You must have reshade installed to use this preset - Simply drag and drop into your steam/steamapps/common/Railworks folderFor best results, use the lighting options I've provided in the main game menu.

If you have the original version of this mod installed, simply drag and drop and overwrite when prompted.


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Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 18 Oct 2023

Man this is sick, great job!

Avatar of MoRoN222
MoRoN222 28 days ago

I thought this was TSW lmao

Avatar of PhUnKi_Ro0sTa
PhUnKi_Ro0sTa 7 days ago

The idea was to make TSC look similar to TSW.

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15 Oct 2023
8 days ago
Train Simulator Classic
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