Class 59 Audio Mod

The engine sounds available in this pack are developed by DTG for TSW2 for the SD40-2 on the Sandpatch Grade. When i started playing it i noticed that they sounded almost exaclty the same as the EMD 16-645E3C that powers the Class 59 and not the 16-645E3 thats supposed to run the SD40-2 IRL. I was able to port over the engine sounds from TSW2 to WAV format for use in TS202X. Please note that not all the sounds from the SD40-2 from sandpatch grade are present, only the necessary ones for the engine sound. I also modified some Bin files to work with Armstrong Powerhouse's Class 66 EP, mainly the Horn and Bogies. This pack reqiures ownership of the DTG DB Shenker Class 59/2, DTG Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines Route (For the 59/0), and Armstrong Powerhouse's Class 66 Enhancement Pack.


Installation Instructions

To install just simply place the folder titled "Railworks" into your main Railworks folder ingame and you should be done! Note i am not responsible for ANY damages done to your Sim or PC so install at your own risk!!!

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Pro Gamer20 15 Dec 2021

nice i really like these sounds, but your mod in wrong section lol.

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29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021
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