SS Narrow Font K5LLA 2 Piece 1L For the UP 1989 SD70ACE

Enjoy this K5LLA! And the Bell too!

Installation Instructions

Now it is easier to install the Horn in my folder you will find a folder called SearchlightSimulations you are going to paste it inside the Assets folder you have to go like this Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\ and then you open my folder and then you extract the folder called SearchlightSimulations you extract it in Assets Now for change the horn is easy and for example you put SD70 Horn In the Folder calls NF_K5LLA_UP_1989 You heve a proxyml and on that proxyml you put SD70 Horn you need to change the name then once you have changed the name you copy the proxyml and then you go here is an example Assets\RSC\SD70UPHeritage\ Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\SD70ACe\Cab and then paste the proxyml and it should work Have a very Good Day! And another thing is if you have the Searchlight Simulations Horn K5LLA Youre gonna go to Assets\MLWAudio\16N-710G3C-II\Horn-Bell and for example my file calls K5LLA_Horn Control you gonna chenge the name and youre gonna putted for example UP_K5LLA_HornControl and then youre gonna copy my file and youre gonna paste in inside of Horn-Bell and thats it!

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Kommandant 1 Sep 2021

Since the instructions given are not very clear and if anyone's looking for help, here's what I did:

  1. Assuming you have some mods from Searchlight Simulations, open that folder. If you don't, simply make the folder, and name it "SearchlightSimulations" (without the quotes).

  2. Open the folder named NathanAirChimeK-Series. If that folder's not there, simply create one, and name it "NathanAirChimeK-Series".

  3. Make a folder named "K5LLA_UP # 1988". I know the page and the file is called 1989, but that's his mistake.

  4. Drag/drop the included files in there

  5. Watered down, you need a Searchlight Simulations (SS) Horn proxy for this to work. If you don't have one, you can download one that's included in another pack, such as this one off of RWA (MP K5LLA):

  6. Install that pack if you are using it, or any horn that uses the SS script.

  7. I simply copied the files named "K5LLA_HornControl" from the MP folder to the 1983 folder. I also copied over the bells since there aren't any included :(

  8. In the 1983 folder, make another folder called "Internal". Drag and drop the "inK5LLA" files there. I also dropped the interior bell file, but that's optional.

  9. Now go to Assets\RSC\SD70UPHeritage\Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\SD70ACe\Cab and open the "SD70 Horn Sound" file. You may need to extract the file using 7-Zip, WinRAR, or another file opener.

  10. Scroll down to the line where it says "Proxyline" and there should be something that looks like this: RSC\SD70UPHeritage\Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\SD70ACe\Cab\SD70Horn
    This line tells the game engine where to look for the horn.

  11. Change that line to: SearchlightSimulations\NathanAirChimeK-series\K5LLA_UP # 1988\K5LLA_HornControl
    Hit save, and you should be good to go.
    This would have been a lot easier if the creator had included all the files needed so you could just drag and drop it into your Railworks directory and you're good to go...
    Other than that, it's a good horn

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Mikiwikistown 1 Sep 2021

Hey Hello man! How are you man?Thank you Man! For that explanation Much Better!

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Justin. 9 Feb 2022

This horn sounds amazing! Great work!

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Mikiwikistown 9 Feb 2022

Thank you so very much bro Actually!!!!!!!!!!!I Appreeciate so very much Actually!!!!!But this horn is going to have a upgraded soon!!!!!

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