Two Narrow Font K3LAs For the BNSF C44-9W And BNSF GP38-2

Enjoy this K3LAs!


you will need a mod from someone else to be able to put the Horn.You Have extra sounds like you have the same sounds but is have much volume and other sounds is have less volume you have extra sounds on the BNSF GP38-2 Like 2_AA,2_BB,3_AA and 3_BB

Installation Instructions

in this mod you will not find a notepad but I will explain what you have to do if you have any sound from another person or have a folder of sounds created for another person the only thing you have to do is just copy my sounds and then paste them to the folder where that person has created an example Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ RailWorks \ Assets \ SearchlightSimulations \ NathanAirChimeK-series \ K5LLA_UP # 1988 \ you only go to the last folder that says and you only copy my sounds and paste them.


Narrow Font K3LA SS BNSF GP38-2.7z 51 MB · Added 13 Aug 2021 · Downloaded 358× SS Narrow Font K3LA SS BNSF C44-9W And UP AC4400CW.7z 58 MB · Added 8 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 219×

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Avatar of CascadeRail
CascadeRail 24 Jan 2022

You really need to tidy up the description, it's a jumbled mess. Where do I even install this? In the locomotive itself or in the SS NathanAirChimeK-series folder?

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 24 Jan 2022

Hello Good Afternoon! Yeah i need to fix the description you need to go to NathanAirChimeK-Series and then choose one SS horn When you already choose then you open my sounds and you paste

Avatar of CascadeRail
CascadeRail 26 Jan 2022

Oh I just realized I need the EMD 16-645E enhancement pack, don't I?

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 31 Jan 2022

Im so sorry for the late respond actually no you dont need by the force the EMD 16-645E You just need to have the carpet of the SearchlightSimulations then NathanAirchimeKseries look you need to download a SS Horn from Another Creator Like Monchito5 You can go to the channel of Monchito5 and you need to search i video i dont remember so very good the name but you need to find a video of Monchito5 Then You need to go to the description and i think you need to download a pack SS Made by Monchito5

Avatar of CascadeRail
CascadeRail 24 Mar 2022

Monchito5 hasn't made a K3LA, I'm more confused now...

Avatar of z0rzx
z0rzx 7 Apr 2022

It's hard to explain verbally, if you have Discord EverettRailfan I could show you how to install the horn. It's fairly simple once you get the hang of it...

Avatar of CascadeRail
CascadeRail 19 Apr 2022

Sure, send me the link. I'd do anything to replace the craptastic stock horn lol

Avatar of z0rzx
z0rzx 20 Apr 2022


Avatar of CascadeRail
CascadeRail 21 Apr 2022


Avatar of BedrockDroid
BedrockDroid 6 May 2022

So question Miki. I have the loop and end horns, but where do I get the start horns or do I just use random start horns?

Avatar of z0rzx
z0rzx 7 May 2022

You don't need the start .wav for SS horns, only A and B

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