SS Raised Letter K5LLA For the NS SD70M-2

Enjoy This K5LLA!You have extra sounds like 3_AA and if you dont like the horn when the train is far you can putted the 6_BB foy you to choose


you will need a mod from someone else to be able to put the Horn

Installation Instructions

in this mod you will not find a notepad but I will explain what you have to do if you have any sound from another person or have a folder of sounds created for another person the only thing you have to do is just copy my sounds and then paste them to the folder where that person has created an example Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ RailWorks \ Assets \ SearchlightSimulations \ NathanAirChimeK-series \ K5LLA_UP # 1988 \ you only go to the last folder that says and you only copy my sounds and paste them.


SS Raised Letter K5LLA NS SD70M-2.7z 54 MB · Added 14 Sep 2021 · Downloaded 283×


Avatar of Zach H
Zach H 6 Oct 2022

No proxy files? Gee I wonder why it was released without them. Maybe someone rushed a little?

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 7 Oct 2022

Hello Good Night! How are you? In that time i didnt know how to do proxys actually.........

Avatar of Zach H
Zach H 12 Oct 2022

I'm doing well! No worries man, everyone starts somewhere and some things are learned along the way. Great horn though!

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 12 Oct 2022

Very Nice to hear your doing well bro! Thats makes happy that you are doing well bro actually! And Thank you so so very much bro actually! i apprecciate so very much bro actually! and thas right bro you learn more and improve more over time bro actually!

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 25 Oct 2022

Horn sounds great bud! But i got a suggestion, can you make a ALP45 horn? You dont have to big it will be a pleasure if you did. Hope you have a great day / night!

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 25 Oct 2022

Hello Good Night! How are you bro? Im so very sorry bro but i dont longer put train horns in the Train Sim Community I already decide to give myself a beak so im so so so sorry bro actually you can check my last horn and is the UP 1111 and you will see why im not going to put more train horns in the Train Sim Community and Thank you so so so very much bro actually! i apprecciate so very much bro actually! You too bro! Have a very Good Night! God Bless you so very much! and Take care so very much bro!

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