Amtrak 6908 K5LA For the CabCar Pacific Surfliner

Enjoy this K5LA!


You need to have the Pacific Surfliner LA - San Diego Route But if you dont have dont worry you can putted in another train

Installation Instructions

You need to have 7 Zip for putted this horn go to Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\RSC\PacificSurfliner\PacificSurflinerAssets.ap\Audio\RailVehicles\Passenger\CaliCar\Cab and then you go Bloc of notes is call CabCar_HornControl.proxyml you just need to extract my sounds and put them in the Cab folder and you just need to edit CabCar_HornControl.proxyml Have a very Good Day! Enjoy!


K5LA Amtrak 6908.7z 23 MB · Added 24 Oct 2021 · Downloaded 340×

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Avatar of NS Mods
NS Mods 23 Oct 2021

Bad loop for quills.

I am very disappointed that all you do is use the low pass filter to make interior horns.

would not recommend.

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 23 Oct 2021

The cool thing about this page is that we can all choose whether or not to use the horns presented here. If it is not to your liking just do not use them, a lot of people like my work. Greetings

Avatar of NS Mods
NS Mods 23 Oct 2021

Maybe you could find a real interior recording??

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 23 Oct 2021

Yeah i can but the problem is so very hard and theres no much videos of the 6908 interior horn thats why i putted Low pass filter yeah i know is not the best idea but i cant find a interior horn from the 6908 is extremely hard

Avatar of UnlimitedRail
UnlimitedRail 17 Jan 2024

Can you find the interior horns yourself without pulling a sebastian deyoung? theres other mods yknow. (yes I know this was a while ago)

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