SS New Cast P5A For the NS SD40-2

Enjoy this P5A! And the Bell too! (The example i put on the install instructions is just for see how to download the P5A)

Installation Instructions

Now it is easier to install the Horn in my folder you will find a folder called SearchlightSimulations you are going to paste it inside the Assets folder you have to go like this Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\ and then you open my folder and then you extract the folder called SearchlightSimulations you extract it in Assets Now for change the horn is easy and for example you put GP38-2 Horn In the Folder calls NS_NC_P5A You heve a proxyml and on that proxyml you put GP38-2 Horn you need to change the name then once you have changed the name you copy the proxyml and then you go here is an example Assets\trainsanddrivers\Alaska\AlaskaAssets.ap\Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\GP38\Cab and then paste the proxyml and it should work Have a very Good Day!

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Avatar of ndrew
ndrew 30 Oct 2021

how do you make ss horns. do you need to get recordings from the horn at all distances or can you just edit the sound in a sound editing app to get the distant sounding horns

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 1 Nov 2021

Yes You need to do that and the app is Audacity in that app you edit the horns that app is just on pc and im so sorry for the late respond

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 30 Oct 2021

Hello Good Afternoon Bro! How are you? You need to search the same horn and the same in different the part is so hard is to search videos from horn a far you need to search horns from different distances and then in audaciy you edit the horn

Avatar of gunnyboy
gunnyboy 27 Jul 2023

is this an older mod? the comments are all from 2021 but it says its brand new

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 27 Jul 2023

I upgrade the horn and now you can install more easily

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 27 Jul 2023

And yeah this horn is older but i already upgraded

Avatar of gunnyboy
gunnyboy 30 Jul 2023

oh thats cool

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 30 Jul 2023

Thank you so very much bro actually!

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