SS NS Dash-9 Raised Letter K3LA V2

This horn is an Upgraded horn from the other one


You can use any loco but this works the best on a NS Dash-9 or a CSX Dash-8 or a BNSF GP38-2 or a UP GP38-2

Installation Instructions

you must have this Here is the directory Assets\SearchlightSimulations\NathanAirChimeK-series then place the folder in there if you don't have these two folders then you will have to create them then you will need another k5hl horn from Searchlight simulations or from someone else

Tags: 185 1960 1972-stock 1990s


NS Dash-9 8520 Raised Letter K3LA.7z 64 MB · Added 8 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 172×


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8 Nov 2021
8 Nov 2021
Train Simulator Classic
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